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3 City States that control the whole world, and their rolls:

3 City States that control the whole world, and their rolls:

City of London - FINANCE: Receives taxes from their subjects (slaves) in Canada and the United States. They design and control our financial and banking systems.

Vatican City - RELIGION: The Pope wants to merge all the religions into one, which is absolute nonsense. The Pope broke off from the truth (confusingly referred to as The 'Eastern Church' or 'Eastern Orthodox Church' or 'Orthodox Church' or 'Orthodox') about 1000 years ago.

Washington DC - MILITARY: Death camps and stacks of black plastic coffins that can hold six to ten bodies each, are piled high in a long train-like fashion, as far as the eye can see, in the United States, today.

These three are sovereign, corporate entities that are not part of the countries they are located in. They have their own laws, and identities, as indicated by their respective flags

The "CITY" in London

The "City", also known as the "square mile" an area of 677 hectares in London is just like the Vatican City in Rome their own state. The City-State, pays no tax, has its own courts, its own laws, their own flag, their own private police at about 2,000 men, and a night population that underestimates 9000 inhabitants.

Here are the Bank of England, a privately owned institution which is not subject to regulation by the British Parliament, and in fact is a sovereign world power. Moreover, Lloyds of London (insurance), London Stock Exchange (stock exchange) Fleet Streets newspapers and publishing, offices in all British banks, offices in 385 foreign banks, and 70 U.S. banks.

Internationally they use the "Crown Princess" as a symbol of power but the real power belongs to the bankers and not the royal house. It is very difficult to gain an insight into the persons who effectively control the Bank of England. A name that leaked is Rothschild.

The "City of London" is an economic entity which is legally separate from England and in control of all lawyers and banks across the world - including the Federal Reserve in the USA! The "City" is also the English seat of the world's Freemasonry with the United Grand Lodge of England as the center...

Washington, District of Columbia

The flag of the Washington District of Columbia has three red stars. One for each city state in the empire. This empire rule the world economically through London's "City", militarily by the District of Columbia, and spiritually by the Vatican. The Constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as the lex fori and has no similarities to the U.S. Constitution...

The Vatican in Rome

Vatican's assets include massive investments by Rothschild in the UK, France and the U.S., billions of shares in oil and weapons companies like Shell and General Electric, Bethlehem Steel. The Vatican is the world's largest owner of private property and its gold reserves are stored by the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank... 

Around 1483 Tomás de Torquemada was named Inquisidor General of Aragón, Valencia and Catalonia. His torturers and special militia were then blessed with being sworn into the highest sacred order of the Roman Cult — the SS or the Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum.

As a military order of the Roman Catholic Church, the Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum (SS) were bestowed by the legal orders of the Roman Pontiff on behalf of the Mother Church to wage constant Holy Inquisition against all 'heretics', including assassinations, torture and counter-intelligence, to protect the name of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and directly represent the interests of the Holy See as its primary order of Holy Knights — the SS (Sedes Sacrorum or Holy See).

As a spiritual order of the Roman Catholic Church, the SS were bestowed with the extraordinary Roman Catholic grace of being forgiven for all their mortal sins (therefore can go to Heaven) that "unfortunately" must be done in order to observe its temporal orders.

In others words, the troops of the Grand Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada were the first religious military order to be granted "immunity" from Hell by the Pope on account of its acts of torture, terror and evil.

The last open Satanic ritual sacrifices under the Holy Inquisition was in the early 19th Century. By the beginning of the 20th Century, there were less than a few hundred SS soldiers still assigned to the Holy Inquisition.

However, upon the appointment of Fr Heinrich Himmler S.J. in 1929 to the NSDAP in Germany, a new Nazi SS (Knights of the Sedes Sacrorum) Army of several hundred thousand was created by 1939 to wage the single greatest Inquisition ever undertaken by the Roman Cult — with over 18 million innocent people burned alive in ovens in Russia and Poland.

The German SS were disbanded at the end of World War II, with the Roman Scroll of the SS being handed to the United States SS (Secret Service/Sedes Sacrorum) by 1945. The United States SS was officially created into a military/spiritual force after the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901.

After the staged gun-fight outside Blair House in 1950, the United States SS have had absolute protection of the President of the United States, holding him a virtual prisoner of the State under the guise of official protection."


In conclusion, the Vatican is not a place of love and peace, as one might imagine. It is a place of dark rituals and great secrecy.

Their purpose is to take away the freedom of our species through indoctrination, fear and control.

And because people fear what they don't understand, the influence of the Vatican and the Catholic church is immense — greater than any army, tyrant or government.

They are also the greatest financial power on Earth and they will continue to exercise their influence for as long as the human species will continue to give its power away in exchange for an illusory salvation.

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When you realize just about everything you have been told all your life is a lie, you are on the right track.

Do your own research and discovery and let your findings speak to you higher inner-self. Your higher mind and your heart will know the Truth when it is experienced. You will awake that which is necessary for your journey in this life.

What if tomorrow and everything you had thought was true was a deception? 

A deception formed by people that stood to profit from your ignorance. Not just on one small area but every facet of your existence. Would you want to know? Or, would you be content with the life you had before you discovered the truth? 

Could you close your eyes and act as if nothing ever happened? What if you could see the ways that you have been deceived and the way that those that came before you were made to believe a lie? How valuable would the truth become? Would it make you change your habits? your routines? the way you talk or think or speak? Would it impact you or would you brush it off and carry on with business as usual?

What if after waking up you decided to respond to that truth? What if you started studying history and world events and, like a string of pearls, events were no longer random but contained a sequence? What if that sequence was repeating? What if ?

I document my life, and in particular, the challenges inherent in navigating an uncertain future while trying to heal from tremendous loss and grief.

My writing is raw and honest, but also, I believe, hopeful, and ultimately about redemption. These last six years has been a roller-coaster with incredible highs, lows and sacrifice.

During my school years my favorite subjects were History, Math, and research. I questioned much of what they were programming or taught to me to believe TRUE .

After graduating high school, I decided to become and began to learn more about History, and found that much of what I was taught in school was either a lie or misleading or fabricated

Our public school systems are set up to get the students primed for economic slavery without ever offering courses that allow to students to think creatively or freely.

Granted some things that we learn in school are the truth, such as math, music and some science but our TRUE history has been kept from us for reasons of subservience, control and conformity.

Education or Indoctrination?
Ultimately, the education system can be blamed for feeding us propaganda and forcing us to regurgitate it so the majority of the public is still lives in denial of the TRUTH.

Example with the George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, was arrested for funding both sides of World War II yet we never learned this in school.

Newspaper article connects Prescott Bush with funding the WWII Nazi regime through executive management in Standard Oil Corp.

Again I will say this -Our public school systems are set up to get the students primed for economic slavery without ever offering courses that allow to students to think creatively or freely.

When will we finally learn to live without being economic slaves to the same system of domination and control? There are a small number of people who govern this entire planet today. These numbers are barely in the hundreds. They know everything. They have hidden everything. They own everything ... money, countries, ecclesiastical powers, militaries, everything.

You must ask yourself, and seek the answers. You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free my friends.

John F Kennedy he tried to warn the American people and the human race

If you trace the companies who print our children’s textbooks, you’ll find a Zionist agenda behind them all.

Lyndon Johnson told America that the North Vietnamese had attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin. He lied. As a result, Sixty thousands young men of Americans and Five millions of Vietnamese lost their lives in a no-win war.

The Big Lie is an on-going lie.

The 'holocaust can be deceptive. People did die, but not the people that we are told died. Those that died opposed the Zionist creation of 'Israel' and the state is the evidence because their voices were silenced. What if this wasn't the first time they used this tactic? What if this was one of only many in the arsenal of 'deception'?

You might think that it's not helpful to question everything. Where would it end? But, as human beings, our very existence depends on the accuracy of the information we rely upon. So, ask yourself - would you rather live AND die based on lies or on truth?

What if as you were reading someone's post you started to connect the dots? Let's consider something. In 1932 the Zionists were itching to have their 'state' at any cost, sparing no expense. They wanted to destroy the middle class Germans because their military was the strongest in the world and their culture and economy were among the world's finest. By this time Boleshevism, which was initiated by Zionist 'Jews', and Jacob Schiff had usurped the power of the U.S.S.R. so Germany was the last remaining power to oppose them. Well what about the United States you might ask? Well, they had other plans for them.

In 1932, Zionists were in negotiations with Germany for the transfer of 'Jews' to Palestine, but certain elements were threatening a boycott. Zionists hated the assimilated Jews of Germany because, with their influence, they could successfully sway opinions to oppose the creation of the Zionist state. From the beginning, Zionists had no intention of 'saving' Jews that were opposed to Zionism which was the vast majority of European Jewry. The Zionist movement knew that they were going nowhere until they could remove the opposition. But . . .

What if you wanted to get even your opposition to help you attain your goals? Would that not add insult to injury?

What if . . .

In 1932, the Betars' uniforms were almost identical to the Germans in every detail. What if this was not a coincidence? What if, during the lead up to the boycott and the claims of atrocities being committed by Hitler, there was an agent provocateur at work? What if Zionists, who already hated the assimilated Jews, targeted them? Who would know the difference? Of course Hitler would deny it, but the pictures and stories were on the front page. What about that? What would the persecuted Jew say to reporters asking questions? So even with their opposition to Zionism by feeding the 'anti-Semitic' fever with their 'atrocity story' they were helping the Zionist movement to reach their goal

I quote Michey Z; November 18, 2002

“During World War II, Yitzhak Shamir (nee Yezernitsky) was a member of the Stern Gang. Led first by Avraham Stern and later by Shamir, the group called for a state that extended from the Nile to the Euphrates and proposed an alliance with Hitler to bring this about. In the fall of 1940, Stern met with one of Mussolini's agents in Jerusalem. By January 1941, he put out feelers to the Nazis and dispatched an agent to meet with two of Hitler's emissaries in Beirut. "Stern's proposal," explains Christopher Hitchens, "which was rashly put in writing, began by establishing his ideological common ground with Nazism, expressing sympathy with the Hitlerite goal of a Jew-free Europe and speaking of 'the goodwill of the German Reich government...toward Zionist activity inside Germany and towards the Zionist emigration plans.' " Stern proposed the "establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis" and offered that he, Shamir, and the rest of the Stern Gang would "actively take part in the war on Germany's side." As a result of this proposed alliance, members of Stern's group would react favorably-in public-to any news of Nazi victories. Even well into 1941, after Stern was killed in a shoot-out and as more and more became known of Nazi racial policies, Shamir took control of the Stern Gang-never renouncing its support for Hitler. In 1986, Yitzhak Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel.”

Are the Zionists real Jews?

99% of the Jewish community is innocent but cynically exploited by their criminal "leaders" who never hesitated to murder them when they didn’t agree to their diktats. Most Jewish people are good and reliable citizens, neighbours, friends and parents in all the country where they are living.

Before 1948 all the Palestinian Jewish community was completely and even violently opposed to the creation of Israel. The Zionists despised and ignored them though they were the most concerned by their project. And is it necessary to recall all the false flag Israeli operations in Arabic countries against local Jews to force them to emigrate in Israel where their life became miserable?

All the people who speak against the "Jews" are thus helping the Zionist mafia to fulfil their darks plans.
The answer is probably in this quote of Jesus on the Pharisees:

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judeans and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN"…"Ye are of your father, the devil ... He was a murderer from the beginning ... he is a liar and the father of it."

The Pharisees are the real forefathers of the Zionists and therefore of the genocidal state of Israel.

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9).

Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee (Revelation 3:9).

Every child in every government school world wide is taught The Big Lie.
Governments around this world spread The Big Lie.
Television and cable networks repeat The Big Lie almost daily.
The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other major newspapers, all perpetuate The Big Lie.

I’d like to start by saying that I have many reliable sources for my information, and I’m reasonably sure that, with the exception of some minor details, it is factual.

I’m sharing Truth as I and many others know it; not that that necessarily correlates to 100 per cent Truth, but you will hear the same thing from other sources in the months to come.

You may not believe it coming from me. You may not believe it coming from the next source, but at some point, you will come to terms with the new Truth, for to live in denial will not serve you.

We all have to find our own truth. I urge you to research for yourself what I am about to share.

My goal with this section of my blog is to illustrate the countless lies and deceptions that have kept the Truth about many things from Humanity for centuries. I want to clear the way to share the Truth about the history we’re all making today.

These past few years are unlike any other.s, for we know have internet, and more researches sharing information world wide. It will mean the end of all the lies and the beginning of living in Truth and Freedom a freedom most people don’t even dream about because we’ve never really been free.

Many people are still aware and have come to be whistleblowers. I believe these are either hacked NASA information or that an insider has leaked them, because they pertain to many of the lies I have uncovered in my research.

Many have been brainwashed into believing and accepting that what we were taught in school is accurate; that what we hear on the news is accurate. It’s sad to think that for so long, Humanity has missed out on the gifts our Creator gave us and intended for us to have, because of greed and corruption on the part of the dark beings on our planet, but we have to trust that everything is unfolding as it must. Better days are ahead for all of us.

I must say however, that our planet and our people are in such a dire situation right now as a result of the New World Order’s tyranny that we are getting assistance from “above”. You won’t see anything in the mainstream media about this yet, but I believe we will soon

Professor Rudolph J. Rummel His book is called Death by Government. Because of The Big Lie, University of Hawaii Political Science Professor Rudolph J. Rummel has calculated that on the average day, every single day during the 20th century, thousands of people have been murdered by governments -- per day. His book is called Death by Government.

Because of The Big Lie, not just millions, not just billions, but trillions of dollars in private property have been stolen by governments.

Because of The Big Lie, not just millions, not just billions, but trillions of dollars in private property have been stolen by governments.

Because of this lie, billions of people around the world have been denied "the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them"

As we begin the 21st century, we look back on the most violent, barbaric, atheistic and lawless century in human history. Over the last few years in America, over 10,000 people have been murdered each year without government approval. But over the last 100 years, across the globe, an average of 10,000 people per day have been murdered with government approval. Each of these governments claims to be better than the others, but they are all part of the same ideology, the same "New World Order."

Ten thousand government-approved executions require thousands of executioners; thousands of ordinary people just like you who say "I need to feed my family," who are willing to kill simply because the State orders them to, pays them to, or allows them to. When your boss orders you to remove a Christmas decoration from your office cubicle because it is "religious," your boss demonstrates the same lack of virtue that eventually matures into audits, harassment, confiscations, and executions.
"I was just following orders."
That figure -- 10,000 murders per day -- would be much larger if we included all abortions. There are 4,000 abortions a day in the United States, 8 times more in the "former" Soviet Union, and an unknown number in China, where forced abortions are government policy. Genocide is the centerpiece of the New World Order, whose intelligentsia believe that 15,000 people must be put to death every hour in the 21st century.
What will you say when your tender-aged grandchild asks, "What did you do to stop the killing, grandpa?
You will not have an answer if you spent your life believing The Big Lie. You'll have no message for the next generation if you haven't spent years diligently seeking the truth, and opposing the lies of archists. When the government orders you to kill your "surplus" children, you will comply. And when the government orders your adult grandchildren to put you to sleep because you are a drain on our national healthcare system, your grandchildren will follow in your steps.
Archists tell you they are protecting us from bad people like "anarchists," and "saving capitalism from itself," and therefore they are not just a "necessary evil," but a positive good, a social "benefactor."
Actually Anarchists believe that government and any laws are not necessary if they remove your Natural Born Rights, Liberty and freedom must be protected
America's Founding Fathers risked everything to fight a tax that scholars estimate at 3-5%, a tax that was paid to Great Britain. So they were Anarchists. Today we pay ten times more to a genocidal New World Order, ten times more than Americans risked their lives to fight in 1776.
Yesterday, Americans, Canadians had virtue.
Today, millions can't put down the remote control to watch the sports game or some other crap that occupies there time from the real issues . There liberty and freedom are being stripped away.
Great Americans like Jefferson, Madison, and Washington would not be silent in our day.
But they might be in jail.
What is an "archist?" is what an informed and educate person would call Government
An "archist" is someone who believes he has a right to impose his will on others by force. What we have now, thieves who can still billions of peoples money through wall street scams, or enslave you with the private printing press

The use of "force" includes a threat to do harm or violence, a threat to infringe on the other person's life, health, wealth, liberty, or obstruct the other person's pursuit of happiness.
Wel that what we have now under the current regime.
This may confuse you. You might ask, "If that's an 'archist,' what's the difference between an archist and an anarchist?"
People have been trained in government-approved schools to believe that an "anarchist" is:BAD
When reality archist is actually the REAL THREAT.

Further on in history to reveal much more evidence of the lie we are living, and the deception of the Elite.

Still working on this more to come

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Netanyahu Coming to Town, Butthurt Congress to Clap More

Netanyahu Coming to Town, Butthurt Congress to Clap More

As we countdown to the end of the United States, the most evil man in the world, candidate number one for antichrist, Benjamin "Bibi gun" Netanyahu, is coming to tinsel town to visit his Congressional WHORES.  All must clap like penguins on speed otherwise any resistance to the will of Satanyahu will cause AIPAC to give much butthurt.

AIPAC films our Congress to make sure all obey their god Satanyahu.  The world is mad, if we had any real men with balls we would immediately arrest and jail Netanyahu before he kills anymore innocent women and children in Israel OR starts World War 3 with Russia and Iran, that leads to the death of billions.  But the world is mad, the Jew reigns supreme, our elected reps are complete and total whores to the pig Jew demon state of Israel.

John Titor said ALL TIMELINES have the same "N day", 12 March 2015, at 3:45 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, now only 50 days away.  The countdown continues, events are lining up nicely.  Netanyahu will fan the flames for nuclear strike on Iran, his speech is schedules for February 11th, which will make the speech only 29 days till that predicted date!  Does anyone see a big problem for the health of the American people?

Last time Satanyahu addressed OUR Congress, they clapped a record 29 times.  This time the Jews will demand a show of even greater acquiescence, not one little bit of dissent will be tolerated.  Any Congressman caught not incessantly clapping will probably be hauled out of session by jackbooted AIPAC thugs.  All must bow down to hell or pay the consequences.  So what this means is that we git to see a great comical show of many standing ovations from our WHORES!

"Bow down before the one you serve - you're going to get what you deserve" so go the song lyrics by NIN.  All must obey the one and true god, Supremacist Jewry, and their earthly representative Satanyahu.

God money I'll do anything for you.
God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall.
God money don't want everything he wants it all.

no you can't take it
no you can't take it
no you can't take that away from me
no you can't take it
no you can't take it
no you can't take that away from me

head like a hole.
black as your soul.
I'd rather die than give you control.
head like a hole.
black as your soul.
I'd rather die than give you control.

bow down before the one you serve.
you're going to get what you deserve.
bow down before the one you serve.
you're going to get what you deserve.

God money's not looking for the cure.
God money's not concerned with the sick amongst the pure.
God money let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
God money's not one to choose






you know who you are.(Congress)

The problem isn't state-owned companies, the problem is state-owned companies run by corrupt governments and officials.

Oil Dinosaurs Face Extinction: State Oil Companies and the Meteor-Strike of Low Oil Prices

My thoughts

The problem isn't state-owned companies, the problem is state-owned companies run by corrupt governments and officials. Privatization has not benefited society in the long run. Resources are sold off well below their value, thousands of workers are fired, prices go up, efficiency goes down and there's less revenue for the government. The only people who really benefit are the wealthy.

Private companies are often far more corrupt than governments are. Indeed, they often corrupt governments. 

The 'private' corporate giants are much larger, they may indeed being trying to destroy the state owned companies

Private enterprise is destroying the whole biosphere and this guy is singing its praises. There is no such thing as infinite growth on a finite planet. That is magical thinking. If humanity doesn't snap out of its delusion soon, all is lost.

We are now in the "Smash" phase of the plan.

In the "Grab" phase, all valuable and productive state assets all over the world will be "privatized".

I would highly recommend reading the Hirsch report from 2005. That transition needed to happen 20 years prior to peaking.

(Ironically, it came out the same year as the peaking of conventional oil production.)

Now to Continue on Hi Ho Silver I mean buy gold and Silver  

State-owned oil companies that don’t slash expenses to align with revenues and boost critical investment in the infrastructure needed to maintain production will suffer financial extinction.

Domestic and international energy companies are responding to the 50% decline in the price of oil by doing what’s necessary to remain in business: they’re slashing payroll, postponing capital investments, delaying new projects and soliciting price cuts from suppliers and subcontractors.

We need to rethink state ownership. I find it difficult to believe that it is beyond the capacity of the human intellect to devise a system that is efficient and beneficial to the masses

This is the discipline of profit-driven capitalism: if expenses exceed revenues, profits vanish, losses pile up, capital contracts and eventually the company runs out of cash (and access to credit) and closes down.

Unfortunately for state-owned oil companies, the feedback of expenses, losses and access to credit are superceded by the need to feed hordes of parasites: the state-owned company exists not to generate profits but to fund large payrolls and support state officials and cronies.

Stripped of the discipline of markets and profits, state-oil companies exist to serve the interests of the state’s Elites and their cronies and favored constituents. As a result, critical infrastructure has fallen into obsolescence, capital investments have been hollowed out and the expertise needed to maintain production has eroded.

The state-owned oil companies are like dinosaurs: the extinction meteor of low oil prices has smashed their ecosystem, and all they can do is watch the sky darken as revenues crater and expenses and debt remain at unsustainably high levels

Case in point: the Brazilian state-run oil giant Petrobas is heavily in debt ($115 billion in 2013) and in danger of defaulting:

The firm has become one of the largest corporate borrowers in the world as it seeks to fund an investment program worth some $221 billion over the next five years, much of which is to develop huge oil fields that lie deep below Atlantic waters off the country’s southeast coastline.Brazilian state-run oil giant Petrobas faces threat of default on US$54 billion in debt:

Those efforts have turned Petrobras into the region’s most indebted company, with net debt of 268 billion Brazilian reais ($115 billion) at the end of 2013. That figure was 36% higher than at the end of 2012, in large part from depreciation of the Brazilian real against the dollar during 2013.
Brazil’s Petrobras May See Its Rating Downgraded

Moody’s Investors Service has placed Petrobras S.A.’s global foreign currency and local currency debt ratings on review for a possible downgrade. This would be the second time Petrobras’ debt ratings was downgraded by Moody’s after in October the oil giant’s debt ratings was downgraded from Baa1 to Baa2 stating that the company’s outlook remained negative.In March, before the corruption scandal broke, another risk ratings company, Standard & Poor’s cut Brazil’s debt rating to its lowest investment grade ‘due to the erosion of the country’s public accounts and slow economic growth.’

According to S&P the state-controlled oil company’s smaller projected liquidity and lower cash flow generation led to the downgrade.
Correspondent Mark G. explains the mechanics of the financial extinction process:

If Moody’s follows through then Petrobras will drop to Baa2, or two notches above junk. By the way, Rosneft is already at Baa2. And so is Lukoil. There are plenty of other Russian (and Brazilian) corporate debtors in this situation.

The question – which is almost completely political at this point – is what happens when Moody’s reduces its ratings on this BRICS paper to Ba1 and below where it belongs. i.e. Junkland.

1. There are plenty of US institutions that legally cannot hold this degraded paper in their portfolios after it drops to Ba1. Beginning with those perennial yield hogs, US based life insurance companies.

2. At this point hard-currency interest rates charged to the submerging market debtors will soar for rollover refinancing.

Thank you, Mark, for laying out the path to extinction. Hard-currency means the U.S. dollar (USD) in most cases, and as the currencies of oil exporting nations crater (see Russia, Nigeria, Brazil, et al.), the state-owned oil companies attempting to roll over debt or borrow enough to stave off insolvency are being hit with multiple meteors:declining currencies, ratings downgrades and plummeting revenues.

Companies that are being operated as going concerns are responding quickly and decisively to the meteor-strike of collapsing prices. State-owned oil companies that don’t slash expenses to align with revenues and boost critical investment in the infrastructure needed to maintain production will suffer financial extinction.

Source: Washington's Blog

My Future in Prison Kathy Kelly arrested for a loaf of bread and a letter to the commander of the base

My Future in Prison

Kelly was arrested when she accompanied other activists to the gates of Whiteman Air Force Base to deliver a loaf of bread and a letter to the commander of the base, which operates drones over Afghanistan, according to a release from Voices for Creative Nonviolence. She was tried and convicted in federal court in December.

By Kathy Kelly The Bureau of Prisons contacted me today, assigning me a prison number and a new address:  for the next 90 days, beginning tomorrow, I’ll live at FMC Lexington, in the satellite prison camp for women, adjacent to Lexington’s federal medical center for men.

Very early tomorrow morning, Buddy Bell, Cassandra Dixon, and Paco and Silver, two house guests whom we first met in protests on South Korea’s Jeju Island, will travel with me to Kentucky and deliver me to the satellite women’s prison outside the Federal Medical Center for men.

In December, 2014, Judge Matt Whitworth sentenced me to three months in federal prison after Georgia Walker and I had attempted to deliver a loaf of bread and a letter to the commander of Whiteman Air Force base, asking him to stop his troops from piloting lethal drone flights over Afghanistan from within the base.  Judge Whitworth allowed me over a month to surrender myself to prison; but whether you are a soldier or a civilian, a target or an unlucky bystander, you can’t surrender to a drone.

When I was imprisoned at Lexington prison in 1988, after a federal magistrate in Missouri sentenced me to one year in prison for planting corn on nuclear missile silo sites, other women prisoners playfully nicknamed me “Missiles.”  One of my sisters reliably made me laugh today, texting me to ask if I thought the women this time would call me “Drones.”

It’s good to laugh and feel camaraderie before heading into prison.  For someone like me, very nearly saturated in “white privilege” through much of this arrest, trial, and sentencing process, 90% (or more) of my experience  will likely depend on attitude.

But, for many of the people I’ll meet in prison, an initial arrest very likely began with something like a “night raid” staged in Iraq or Afghanistan, complete with armed police surrounding and bursting into their home to remove them from children and families, often with helicopters overhead, sequestering them in a county jail, often with very little oversight to assure that guards and wardens treat them fairly.  Some prisoners will not have had a chance to see their children before being shipped clear across the country.  Some will not have been given adequate medical care as they adjust to life in prison, possibly going without prescribed medicines and often traumatized by the sudden dissolution of ties with family and community.  Some will not have had the means to hire a lawyer and may not have learned much about their case from an overworked public defender.

In the U.S., the criminal justice system disproportionately incarcerates people of color for petty offences. Many take plea bargains under threat of excessive, punitive sentences. If I were a young black male, the U.S. penal system quite likely would not have allowed me to turn myself in to a federal prison camp.

I’ll be incarcerated in a satellite camp outside a medical facility where I expect the wards are crowded with geriatric patients. How bleak and unnecessary it is to confine people for decades. My friend Brian Terrell, who was incarcerated in Yankton, South Dakota for six months after crossing the line at Whiteman AFB, told me that while in prison he saw signs on the walls recruiting prisoners to train for medically assisting geriatric male prisoners. I shudder to think of our culture’s pervading callousness, pointlessly consigning so many aged people to languish in prison.

I will be free in three months, but our collective future is most assuredly shackled to a wrongheaded criminal justice system.  I hope this compulsively vengeful and diseased criminal justice system will change during my lifetime.  And I hope that my short sojourn inside Lexington’s prison walls will help me better understand and perhaps help shed some small light on the systems that affect other people trapped there.

During recent visits with concerned communities focused on drone warfare, many have helped me see a connection between the drone killings across Central Asia and the Middle East and the casual executions and incarceration of young black males in our own country.

In Afghanistan, where the noise of air strikes and civil war have faded to the buzz of drones and the silence of empty promises, our friends in the Afghan Peace Volunteers (APVs) continue their peace building efforts.  Last week, eighty street children walked from the APV center to the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission office to assert their right to education.  Their signs expressed their determination to help create a school for street children.  One sign said, “We don’t want your charity.  We want dignity.”

Our young friends wish to provide a better life for the very children whose only other ways off the streets may well include joining the Taliban, criminal gangs, or some other militia.  Meanwhile, the United States’ vengeful stance as a nation, concerned with protecting its wealth and status at all costs and its safety above all considerations of equity or reason, destroys the lives of the impoverished at home as it destroys those abroad.

The “Black Lives Matter” protests need our support, as do the March 4-6 protests to “Shut Down Creech” Air Force Base.  Our friends in the Afghan Peace Volunteers will continue to do vital work for peace and solidarity, in Kabul, that needs our support. It’s encouraging to know that thousands upon thousands of committed people seek and find work to make our world less like a prison for our neighbors and ourselves.

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- Kathy Kelly co-coordinates Voices for Creative Nonviolence.  She contributed this article to Contact her at:

Kathy Kelly, peace activist, starts three-month prison term

Kathy Kelly, co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, planned to turn herself in at the federal prison camp in Lexington, Ky., today to begin serving a three month sentence for her involvement in a protest of drone warfare June 1 at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.

Kelly is a long-time peace activist who led delegations to Iraq during the years of sanctions before the 2003 U.S. invasion. She was in Baghdad during the “shock and awe” campaign and spent a summer in Baghdad in neighborhoods  left destitute by the sanctions and warfare.

She has made numerous trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan, organizing a young people’s non-violence group called Afghan Peace Volunteers, and recording and writing about the testimony of those whose families and friends have been killed in drone attacks.

Kelly was arrested when she accompanied other activists to the gates of Whiteman Air Force Base to deliver a loaf of bread and a letter to the commander of the base, which operates drones over Afghanistan, according to a release from Voices for Creative Nonviolence. She was tried and convicted in federal court in December.

Israeli PM’s Unscheduled Congress Speech Causes Diplomatic Uproar in Washington

Israeli PM’s Unscheduled Congress Speech Causes Diplomatic Uproar in Washington

A rift is emerging between the US and Israel, after Barack Obama’s administration hit out at Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for speaking to Congress without consent.

The Democrats say they are in the dark about Prime Minister Netanyahu being allowed to speak to Congress about Iran. The party says the Israeli delegation did not consult them and they therefore broke protocol. The Democrats were also fuming with the Republics after the Grand Old Party’s Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, gave the Israeli PM the go-ahead.

“It’s out of the ordinary that the Speaker would decide that he would be inviting people to a joint session without any bipartisan consultation,” said Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader at a weekly news conference, which was reported by Reuters.

Boehner made the announcement that Netanyahu was to speak about Iran in front of Congress on January 21, the day after Obama said in his State of the Union address that he would veto any extra sanctions against Iran.

The Republican is keen to impose further sanctions on Tehran saying, “He (Obama) expects us to stand idly by and do nothing while he cuts a bad deal with Iran,” Boehner said. “Two words: ‘Hell no!’ … We’re going to do no such thing,” AP reported.

The Israeli Prime Minister believed the “two-party leadership” of Congress had invited him, but congressional aides said they knew of no members of the party who had been consulted, according to Reuters.

The US administration also made an announcement that Netanyahu will not be granted an audience with either Obama or the Secretary of State, John Kerry, during his next planned visit to the US on March 3, citing the proximity of the Israeli elections as the reason for the snub.

“As a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country,” National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan said Thursday.

The Republican’s hit out at the Democrats, with Republican Representative Mac Thornberry, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, saying Congress was exercising its proper constitutional role.

“To ask a foreign leader who is at the center of a huge number of the challenges facing the country to come talk to Congress, how is that not within our purview as an independent branch of government, to hear from him directly?” he said, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post believes Netanyahu’s decision to “break with protocol” could lead to a different stance being taken towards the Israeli PM.

“The bilateral relationship [between Israel and the US] is unshakable,” the newspaper quoted a source close to Secretary of State John Kerry as saying. “But playing politics with that relationship could blunt Secretary Kerry’s enthusiasm for being Israel’s primary defender.”

READ MORE: Obama admin ‘won’t be around forever’ – Israeli minister on W. Bank settlement stall

Despite the controversy over Netanyahu’s visit, the Israeli Prime Minister does have a lot to gain politically from visiting the US and speaking in front of Congress on an issue as sensitive as Iran. A harsh line against Tehran would be welcomed by many in Israel.

The incumbent PM is facing a tough fight to win re-election when Israel goes to the polls in March. His Likud Party is trailing their main opponents, the Labor Party, which has highlighted the discord that has emerged recently within the country’s crucial relationship with the US.

Is Iran About To Strike? Long Range Missile Just Discovered-and It's Ready To Go!

Is Iran About To Strike? Long Range Missile Just Discovered-and It's Ready To Go!

Iran has produced a 27 meter-long missile capable of carrying a warhead “far beyond Europe.” Israel’s Channel 2 News broadcast satellite images of the missile at a launch site near Tehran (pictured).

The missile was ostensibly built to ferry satellites into orbit, but could also be used to deliver warheads nearly anywhere on the planet. Israel has also produce and successfully launched missiles with such dual capabilities.

According to the Channel 2 report, Iran has made “very rapid progress” in its long-range missile research and development.

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