Thursday, November 27, 2014

Does Vladimir Putin celebrate Thanksgiving? Well he Enjoying Liberty

Does Vladimir Putin celebrate Thanksgiving? I don't know, but he ought to be grateful this year. No leader on the planet escaped as many obstacles from the Zionist Jew Bankers since Hitler and Germany
 as the Russian president has in 2014.

Bought and paid for Main Stream News media push Putin's luck will run out soon, but the actual Russians we've heard from disagree. They like Putin — and think he is just what Russia needs right now and the People of the World

On that point, they may be right.

Putin Just Recently band Monsanto from Russia - now here is a a leader protecting the people from poison. Well US Canada still being poisoned  

With the Formation of  BRIC  to topple the IMF and the Cabal

If you haven't kept up with Ukraine news, not much has changed with propaganda from western news

Ukraine citizens still control the Eastern provinces from understanding who there real threat is the Zionists Jew bankers. The  Zionist Kiev government seems powerless to resist the will of the people

The Zionists in  the U.S. and NATO are still in stealth trying to occupy another nation  through stealth and puppet governments not going to help.

That being the case, Eastern Ukraine appears set to remain free as a Russian territory indefinitely. In other words, the PEOPLE WIN and Putin wins.

Western economic sanctions are clearly having no  impact on Russia, as are tumbling oil prices.

Russia is self sufficient, they have more resources than many countries combined also they are not going to be pushed around like other countries controlled by US fiat cash. But this is changing as recent news indicates Canada is moving to the BRIC with latest deal with China founder member of the BRIC

Bankrupt US, Australia, Canada and the UK under the Zionist Bankers empire are seeing a clear picture the US dollar

The Obama administration apparently thinks the Russian people will rise up and demand change if we just create enough suffering for them.

The problem with this theory is that Russians don't mind they are educated and realize the importance of a healthy free nation and oppose tyranny from Zionist bankers.

They've successfully endured it for centuries. They wear it as a badge of pride, so another year or two is no big deal to them. They know the final outcome Zionists Banking cartel is collapsing more each day.

Here is a letter from a reader with Russian connections. That in received in an Email
Bella K. says:
This is a well-educated and well-informed person, a hardcore Russian patriot. This person is typical of the 80% or more of the Russian population who eagerly and wholeheartedly support Putin and his policies.

They perceive not Russia, but the USA as an aggressor. Their views of the Ukrainian conflict are directly opposite of our views here — and I am not talking about Putin and his cohort, but ordinary Russians.
“Russians consider the sanctions very unfair, yet they take it as a challenge, a competition they're determined to win. They are WILLING to accept great sacrifices — whatever it takes! — to defend their national pride and not submit to Western pressure.
“These people just came out of near-starvation in the 1990s; they're not strangers to extreme frugality. Indeed, Russian history shows that Putin's plan to rebuild their economy is realistic. They did it during WWII. They have all the resources internally.
“This is Putin's chance to ask people to accept sacrifices — and they will! — in order to rebuild and diversify their economy IN SPITE of the sanctions. The people have clear goals (conveyed to them by Putin), motivation and determination to achieve those goals.
“Putin already improved their living standards, so they trust him. In light of the sanctions, the spirit of mobilization is not unlike that of the WWII period in the USA.
“For all these reasons, I do not believe Putin is bluffing. He knows what kind of people he is leading and what resources are at his disposal. They're all survivors.

“As repugnant as it might sound to the Western ear, Putin has made all the right moves for himself, and some for Russia. So far, he is succeeding. His new economic revitalization plan could actually work.“
Thanks, Bella. You make a strong case for the Russian viewpoint. If your description is accurate, the Western sanctions aren't just ineffective. They are actually counterproductive, giving Putin's people more reasons to support him.
Bella's letter made me think of another article I saw in a magazine. The title is Putin's World: Why Russia's Showdown with the West Will Worsen. The author is Vitaliy Katsenelson, who grew up in Russia and is now an investment manager in Colorado.
I won't repeat the entire article here but I urge everyone to read it. Katsenelson is no Putin fan. He was glad to escape Russia with his family. As an experiment, he recently spent a full week reading only Russian web sites and viewing only Russian TV news.
His conclusion: The Russian people are solidly behind their leader.
If this doesn't change, we have to face two consequences.
  • Europe will remain unstable, with other nations like the Baltics
  • The talk of a “new Cold War“ will increasingly become more than just talk. It may not turn into a hot war, but we'll see more and more “soft“ confrontations between the U.S. and Russia.
I take pleasure in reporting this to you as truth, but I think it is important for you to know. We are on the edge of global changes as important as the the recent landing on a comet a few weeks ago.
The world is awake to the lies from Zionist puppet governments who have been on one path of destroying every aspect of your prosperity and liberty in the disguise of democracy. Which we all know is a shame.
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Monday, November 24, 2014

'Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told'

Years of Research with current issues and finding so much that we are told and taught to be just blatant historical lies.

New York historical archive. Since 1930 "court-historian" scum have ridiculed and condemned Adolf Hitler's claim that the reason he ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 was because Churchill was plotting to bring Stalin into the war against Germany. 

Now who would ever believe such a ridiculous warmongering pretext as that?

Well, as it turns out, back when Europe was still at peace, on May 11th of 1939, the Sulzberger-Ochs Family's NY Slime-buckets ran front page stories.a

The story how Churchill's "Conservative" Party was heavily pressuring Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to bring Stalin's Soviet Union into a Franco-British-Polish anti-German alliance.

The front page also confirms that (brace yourself) the Vatican and Germany wanted to sit down and hold peace talks with the Allies, but the Zionist Jew warmongers of the UK flatly refused.

What a find! Thank you New York Slime- buckets!

I love hanging these putrid propagandists with their own rope

Adolf Hitler and His Holiness were willing to hold peace talks with all interested parties. But Churchill and the Zionist Jew Bankers wanted none of it! 

On April 20, 1939, Archbishop Orsenigo celebrates Hitler's birthday. The celebrations, which had been initiated by Cardinal Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) became an annual tradition.

Cardinal Pacelli was named Pope Pius XII two months before this New York Times story ran.

Hitler and Pius XII wanted peace. For this, Pius has been tagged by propaganda historians as "Hitler's Pope".

The blurred page image below is accompanied by an abridged reproduction of the stunning articles, with added analysis by your intrepid reporter highlighted in yellow.


The New York Times May 11,1939

 Chamberlain Says French and the British Would Act First in War Covered by Pact
 But Public Demand for Soviet Accord Is More Insistent - Closure Voted by Commons

     With the Anglo-Russian negotiations still pending, Prime Minister Chamberlain gave public assurance to the Soviet yesterday that it would not be expected to enter any war until the French and British were already in the field. In another statement before the House of Commons the Prime Minister urged speed on the secret mobilization bills, and in response the House voted to limit debate so as to pass the measures next week.

     Russia meanwhile began to repair her relations with Poland when Vice Commissar Potemkin had a two-hour talk with Polish Foreign Minister Beck. Some kind of Russo-Polish agreement is not ruled out.

     In Berlin, where the press continued to charge abuse of Germans in Poland, (a charge which was true!) there was a hint that Germany was not looking forward to an agreement with the Soviet.

British Assurance Given
By Robert P. Post
      LONDON, May 10. - Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave public assurances to Russia today that she was not expected to fight for any of the smaller European States unless Britain and France fought, too. (Chamberlain was actually a reluctant warrior who was under intense pressure to wage war against Germany)

     The Prime Minister gave this assurance, which already had been transmitted through diplomatic channels, in the House of Commons in reply to the Soviet statement last night that stressed the fact that the British and French proposals for enrolling Russia in the list of anti-Axis states did not give any guarantees against a situation whereby Russia alone might have to intervene against aggression.

      "If the Soviet government wished to make their own intervention contingent upon that of Great Britain and France," Mr. Chamberlain added, "His majesty's government for their part would have no objection."

... Later Mr. Chamberlain referred to the "more comprehensive and more rigid" Soviet scheme by which he meant the Soviet desire for a triple military alliance, with staff talks.

... The position as it stands now is ....that Russia has been assured that she is not being maneuvered into a position to fight alone and the British are awaiting her reply and any demands she may make to assure that her conditions will be fulfilled.

Optimistic Outlook Continues

     The note of cautious optimism continued here about the Russian negotiations, the belief being that the two countries are not so far apart as they first appeared to be. The British are now expected to make certain concessions to the Russian idea of an alliance.

     The negotiations with Russia are having repercussions on the British reaction to the Pope's conference proposal. At the present stage the British are reluctant to take part in any such conference with Russia eliminated, yet they do not see how Russia could be represented at a conference called by the Vatican. (Hitler, Mussolini and Pope Pius want to hold talks; Britain, not wanting to offend the delicate sensibilities of the mass murdering Atheist-Communist Stalin, is saying no.)

Demand for Soviet Pact Rises
By Sir Arthur Willert
Noted British Journalist

      LONDON, May 10. - The general British reaction on the feasibility of an international conference to smooth out the troubles of Europe is somewhat lukewarm. This applies to reports that the Vatican has put out feelers regarding the possibility of international action for the settlement of the German-Polish problems.

     The predominant opinion here is that if a conference were held at this juncture, the Rome-Berlin Axis powers would try to vitiate it by the same intolerable pressure of fear and menace that Chancellor Adolf Hitler so successfully brought to bear on the Munich meeting. (More excuses for not sitting down and at least hearing what the Pope and Hitler are proposing.)

... This view accounts for the constant sniping at Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, from his own supporters in Parliament, as well as from the Opposition parties (Churchill's gang of warmongers), on the ground that he is not pushing ahead effectively with the Russian negotiations. It is feared that he may be hanging back partly for fear of giving Herr Hitler another excuse for saying that Germany is being encircled (Germany WAS being encircled) and partly because he has not properly shaken off that exaggerated distrust of "the Reds" that made British policy go so disastrously wrong over Spain. (Exaggerated distrust of Stalin? Who could possibly distrust a nice guy like him? Silly Neville! And notice how "the Reds" appears in quotations, as if to say that people who feared Bolshevism were idiots.)

     Nothing is more likely to precipitate a dangerous crisis than failure to reach an adequate agreement with Russia or another spasm of appeasement in high quarters in London. (Ah yes, the old "appeasement" cliche) So strongly does the rank and file of Conservatives feel about this that there would be a real possibility of a revolt against Mr. Chamberlain if the Russian negotiations were to fail and if the failure could plausibly be laid at his door. (Churchill is threatening to take down Chamberlain if he doesn't make a military alliance with Stalin!)

     In point of fact, less is heard about placating the dictators than was heard a short time ago. ("Placating dictators?" What do you call Stalin and Marshal Smigly-Rydz of Poland? Libertarians?) The Russian negotiations are busily progressing and it is believed here that an agreement will ultimately be reached.  (True, but not until Stalin is ready; in 1941. That's when Hitler beat him to the punch!)

The F├╝hrer to the German People: 11 December 1941

"Already in 1940 it became increasingly clear from month to month that the plans of the men in the Kremlin were aimed at the domination, and thus the destruction, of all of Europe. I have already told the nation of the build-up of Soviet military power in the East during a period when Germany had only a few divisions in the provinces bordering Soviet Russia. Only a blind person could fail to see that a military build-up of world-historical dimensions was being carried out. And this was not in order to protect something that was being threatened, but rather to attack that which seemed incapable of defense ... I may say this today: If the wave of more than 20,000 tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of artillery pieces, along with more than 10,000 airplanes, had not been kept from being set into motion against the Reich, Europe would have been lost."

'Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told' 

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Friday, November 21, 2014

New Species Discoverd These Worms Glow In The Dark And Then Eat You

Truly amazing  world and it seems to get more amazing as we learn more about it. Every day more and more species are being discovered .

We have all heard of sighting of  Big Foot
Sasquatch or the Lock-Ness Monster or Aliens, or whatever, kindly remind them that even today, in the extremely modern times anything is possible.

With technology such as sophisticated hardware, cameras and the capabilities to travel and  discovery the craziest things everywhere. Even scientists are still discovering  new species of animal life, plants every worldwide. In Fact, Hundred of new finds of new species of living creatures are discovered on earth annually, and we thought we already knew about everything that was here.

Well adventuring Jeff Cremer the man who discovered this new species.

Jeff discovered  these in Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest who tells his tale in the video below, says they were noticed because of their luminescence. While  he was adventuring through the jungle, he and his friends saw what looked like a glowing dots on the side of a dirt wall. So they decided to take a closer look as it interested them.
To closer observations they seen what what looked like some type larvae worm.

Turns out they are only half an inch long, but they have large mandibles protruding from there I assume what we would consider its head (where the mouth positioned) and when explorers tied an ant to a stick and dangled it as bait to see it reaction. Well this worm creatures, immediately pounced at it then proceeded to drag he ant into its hole, proving it defends its territory and possibility a  very good chance it is a predator.

So if it a predator, which mean that it may eat small insects - then it could be  logical to assume the glowing effect  is used as a  bait to attract prey to lure other insects closer. Many insects are attracted to light and then they are Analogical to many other species AND some human inventions,

Other species of similar type the glow varies. Adult females that glow do so to attract a male for mating. The Lampyridae larvae are believed to glow as a warning signal to predators like toads not to eat them as they are mildly toxic. But the Arachnocampa and Orfelia larvae, on the other hand, glow to attract prey like midges into sticky snare lines for the larva to feed on

As this is a new Discovery Nov 11, 2014 we will learn more as they are researched

So here is the video enjoy love to here your feed back

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

President Putin ordered that Russian citizens be protected from GMOs

“Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently announced that Russia will no longer import GMO products, stating that the nation has enough space, and enough resources to produce organic food. 

‘If the Americans like to eat GMO products, let them eat them. We don’t need to do that; we have enough space and opportunities to produce organic food.’”

Russia has been considering joining the long list (and continually growing) of ANTI-GMO countries  for quite some time now.

It does so after a group of Russian scientists urged the government to consider at least a 10-year moratorium on GMOs to thoroughly study their influence on human health.

“It is necessary to ban GMOs, to impose moratorium (on) it for 10 years. While GMOs will be prohibited, we can plan experiments, tests, or maybe even new methods of research could be developed. It has been proven that not only in Russia, but also in many other countries in the world, GMOs are dangerous. Methods of obtaining the GMOs are not perfect, therefore, at this stage, all GMOs are dangerous. Consumption and use of GMOs obtained in such way can lead to tumors, cancers and obesity among animals. Bio-technologies certainly should be developed, but GMOs should be stopped. We should stop it from spreading. ” – Irina Ermakova, VP of Russia’s National Association for Genetic Safety

Russia has been considering joining the long list (and continually growing) of ANTI-GMO countries  for quite some time now. It does so after a A number of scientists worldwide have clearly outlined the potential dangers associated with consuming GMOs.

There are hundreds of studies that are now available in the public domain, it seems that they continue to surface year after year.

Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health. Russia completely banning GMOs, such a large, developed nation is a big step forward in creating more awareness with regards to GMOs.

Many nations banned GMOs and the pesticides that go with them? It’s because evidence points to the fact that they are not safe,  They just aren't necessary, so why produce them?

Awareness regarding GMOs has been growing on social networks and the internet educating the RISKS of GMOs. On the other hand MAINSTREAM media has been silent on this matter as usual.

Activism has played a large role in waking up a large portion of Earths population with regards to GMOs.

Dmitry Medvedev introduced a bill banning the cultivation of GMO food products.

President Putin ordered that Russian citizens be protected from GMOs.  The States Agricultural Committee has supported the ban recommendation  from the Russian parliament, and the resolution will come into full effect.

This just goes to show what we can do when we come together and demand change and share information on a global scale. Change is happening, and we are waking up to who really controls the system , creates wars and poverty worldwide.

GMOs are only the beginning, WE have many things to rid our planet and are clearly unnecessary such as the Private Banking Cartel, Corrupt Political System and Chem-Trails (Geo-Engineering)

We are all starting to see through the their LIES and misleading propaganda from special interest groups who have bought and paid for the political system, no longer are we so easily persuaded, no longer do we believe everything we hear and everything we’re presented with. Lets keep it going!

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US Imposing National ID Cards Worldwide and using there Propaganda its ‘For the Children’

US House to Vote on Imposing National ID Cards Worldwide and using there Propaganda its ‘For the Children’

The US Congress is set to vote this week on legislation encouraging all nations to require their citizens to have a national ID card. 

The bill will also empower the US State Department to collect data on children, especially girls, worldwide.

Do you trust them with this kind of power?

Policy of the United States government to encourage other nations to require all citizens to have national identity cards.

HR 3398 also directs the US government to work with multinational organizations and private entities on imposing registration, identification, and documentation laws on people around the world. 

Impose that's exactly what they are doing imposing on your.

Further toward the Police State

This legislation is intended to increase government power and expand foreign intervention.

They use the same old redundant story we are doing this for you benefit (YOU) when its a total opposite and many will fall straight in there trap due to fear, pressure and business will cease to exist unless they follow suit.

Here is an example of  the fear they install into you this will protect your children that  HR 3398 justification helping the children and girls in particular.

Section 3(1) of the bill defines the policy of the US government as follows:

It is the policy of the United States to— 

(1) encourage countries to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and enact laws that ensure girls and boys of all ages are full participants in society, including requiring birth certifications and some type of national identity card to ensure that all citizens, including girls, are counted;

A universal national identity card.  Well the conspiracy people proved right again.

The individuals behind this ruse purpose an argument, that the problem of illegal immigration cannot be solved with enforcement alone. .

They present somehow this can be fixed by mandating a highly expensive National ID Card, is both shortsighted and misguided.

This is no issues for the ones involved in this deal as you and I will be paying for it.

Furthermore would not surprise me also there are key players to make a fist full of cash as happened in the past with such characters involved in the deals.

Why Did Halliburton Buy an Oil Cleanup Company 8 Days Before the Oil Spill?

Cheney's Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War.

The process of implementing a national identity card would be an expensive and its usage alone wouldn't have any effect on what they are proposing it is for.

So now we removed the immigration Hoax they are trying to sell us.

But there’s a lot more that can be done to fix the system now besides just making new laws that remove more of your freedom and Liberty.

Technologies have advanced to a point where they can now be used effectively to monitor everything you do and even where you live.

Biometric identification

US-VISIT, the Department of Homeland Security’s biometric entry program, has  shown how this technology can be deployed immediately

Government Theory

The identification needs of today’s citizens are more sophisticated than ever before – a physical card with their name is no longer sufficient; citizens need a portable, secure way to identify who they are both online and offline.

This National ID Card has been planned may years in advance through private meetings with Top Leader and they most powerful (richest in the world) during there Bilderberg Group meetings in secrecy.

India is collecting biometric data from over one billion residents to issue them each a unique identification number.

Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands – they just enrolled over one hundred million people into a new identity system in less than a year.

Ghana just broke a world record by biometrically registering and verifying 13 million people in just 48 hours.

Mainstream Media - also pushes this agenda 

"Improving our identity systems should be a national priority – regardless of what happens with immigration reform."

 More fear from mainstream media

Every single day people are inconvenienced, marginalized, and find themselves victims of identity theft because of our country’s faulty identity systems. Moves are made regarding this and every weak you see adds of Identity Theft.  You can see clearly whats on there agenda here same as the recent EBO-LIE which is just more of the same campaign .

This was the latest poll they did in the US and no to no surprise to me this is just more of the same garbage ,, Now if someone stole my identity this can be resolved by being shot that is permanent. I also understand how these polls are conducted and misleading

 "US adults fear identity theft more than being shot or speaking in public"

The unfunded mandate by Congress known as REAL ID, with an estimated cost of $11 Billion is not only a corporate welfare program for Cabal insiders, but a back door for a Big Brother

Now here is a "Question one should consider if this  Real ID" is to protect you from Identity theft is unproven and if anything more of a risk as everything on it is attached to - everything that not mentioned by the people who will reap billions from this being implemented

Most people are still unaware of the issuance of the Real ID card.

This new National/International ID Card, and its interactivity with national/international databases, can access our medical, financial, driving, Social Security, license(s), firearms registrations, and political status inside its high tech mainframe. In essence, it holds our private lives on a swipe-able card that is available to any organization, retailer, or person requesting our identification or our money. In other words, our life histories accessible upon command from one card.

You will have no choice but to comply, most people will accept their new national/international ID card.

It is my understanding that without the card, we will be denied bank accounts, a driver’s license, and the right to fly on airplanes unless we have been issued a Real ID card. One might imagine that global retailers might require the Real ID to purchase food and gasoline. Take a look at your current driver’s license. Check the expiration date.

 All global government infrastructures in place and play, one must consider the following:

What is the real issue behind the “identity theft” propaganda?

How are “domestic terrorists” determined and identified?

And why the mandatory issuance of an ID card that sums up every citizen with one swipe?

When it comes to considering how directly global intentions are all behind this. So easy to see, yet so many of the public still blind to this and they are already talking about Christmas. Blindly the public goes about its merry and the wrong way. On that note, the Real ID card will ultimately seal your fate. You will be a compliant and completely identifiable slave to the New World Order, or you will be its enemy – and your Real ID will determine which global creature you shall be.

The fact of our demise as free people exists no matter whose research is right or wrong. The stage is, in fact, being set for every nation and and conquering everyone. The US have seen to this fact and have worked steadfastly to raise their one-world government.

The Cabal knew from the beginning that people with property, firearms, and rights were their primary problems, or in other words, the people of the United States of America and other westernized nations. Our “leadership” is not what they seem.

The public acceptance of the Real ID seals the deal.

It will be more than interesting to see which of our friends, neighbors, and family members will willingly sign onto their fate as new “citizens” of the global police state.

Something to consider Are We going to continue to allow our “representatives” to march off with this nation and our freedom, or are we going to Unite and reclaim OUR Freedom? Ignorance is never bliss. It is slavery, and this time, the enslavement is backed by a system far greater than concepts or perceived notions of freedom.

It’s past time to do more than  protest, use there corrupt court system, vote your enemy in to be your MASTER, and pins and complain.

It’s time to serve through action and duty in every nation.

Start an organization put down your petty differences of same sex marriage,  (Freedom Forever Movement)  or what ever you decide the nae is not important in your neighborhood NOW.

As I go through TSU Social Media (Protected Sight Not Censored like other Sites), FB, Websites, Twitter, and so on the internet has millions of PISSED of people at the corruption and the POLICE STATE.

Create your local chapter. It’s YOUR RIGHT and your duty to save your nation and to preserve freedom. We have been betrayed. For the sake of your children, open your eyes and act. The only potential answer is to UNITE For Freedom and to command that freedom with one voice. ONE LOUD VOICE backed by millions side by side.

Then, as a nation UNITED in knowledge, we can rid ourselves of our “representative” globalists.

Now, please stop the bickering and bitching, especially of the partisanship flavor, and get to WORK.

Global government  master- and you the slave have been divide.

Lets unite and divide them it TIME.

Watch here the complete six-minute interview in which Paul, the chairman and founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, also relates the push for a national ID card to the US government’s desire for pervasive surveillance:


Read more, along with Ron Paul's take on the national ID, at the link -- and please share!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nearly two-thirds of the voting population nationwide in the US chose not to participate in the 2014 elections

Nearly two-thirds of the voting population nationwide in the US chose not to participate in the 2014 elections

The choice was between fascist A and fascist B

Americans don't truly believe their vote counts. The only thing that matters in American politics is money...both parties are equally corrupt.

Some of the comments I have seen as I stumble through news feeds , TSU, to join the Newest Social Media Network here is the link ( )twitter and other Social media sites are as follows

This is my favorite so i placed on the top

"Maybe more would vote if "none of the above" was an option"

"I didn't vote because (1) I was denied the vote because I couldn't get a valid driver's license in my new state in time.....(2) there was no one worth voting for, they are all frauds, and (3) the system is so rigged you cannot get a legitimate winner because of the new voting systems and the fraud in the political machine....I saw this first hand when Ron Paul was denied the right to be our President......"

"9/11 was a performed by a two party dictatorship..... voting does nothing"

 " thanks for those who voted there Liberty and freedom away  and mine"

 "And I wish to thank every single one of them for allowing the mess we have to continue"

"This is the first time since I was 18 that I didn't vote. I didn't vote because the system is setup so a Dem or Rep will win, and neither party had my interests in mind when they govern."

"because more and more people realize American 'democracy' is a complete sham and that there is really, at the end of the day, very little difference between the parties?"

"If voting changed anything , they'd make it illegal" - Emma Goldman ( voting is an exercise in futility ) but the Revolution will NOT be televised!! - if you are not outraged , your not paying attention!!!

"Too many folks know more about Kim Kardashian than they do about ANY politician representing them or vying for their vote. If you aren't an informed voter, I don't want you to vote!!

"I wish 2/3 of the people didn't show up to vote in 2012"

"It doesn't make a difference because they have to choose between poison A and poison B. Either way, they get poisoned"

"Maybe if we had candidates who really worked for us instead of lobbyists. They work for their donors. We don't believe in the candidates running, so what's the point?

" It is a rigged game until we get a third choice. They are both (Reps & Dems) wolves running in the same pack "

" Maybe because more and more people realize American 'democracy' is a complete sham and that there is really, at the end of the day, very little difference between the parties?

"Why? .....Anyone recall what happened to Ron Paul's campaign 2012? Entire counties that voted for him disappeared, he was ostracized in the media, his delegates were sabotage..The elections are rigged and I refuse to participate in it."

"Ok voting is stupid, we don't live in a system that our votes actually count. They go to an electoral college full of people we don't know who look at the results and take that into consideration but they choose who wins and not us. We just give them a suggestion. Its like you're going out to eat with your friends and they ask what everyone wants to eat. At the end of the day it didn't matter what you said but theyll still take it into consideration because the one who's paying or driving has the final say"

"Because the two major brands of politics is doing everything they can from preventing a 3rd party from challenging. When there is campaign reform and 3rd parties are able to participate in major debates... I will vote again bc then I will have an actual choice that fits my ideals."

"know for a fact votes are bought....and the crooked win"

"Let me know how voting for the lesser of two evils works out for you.

If you think your vote matters you don't get the problem"

 "If you think your vote does not make a difference;Why do you think the GOP is making it more difficult to vote..."

"It's rigged no matter who you pick... The people who are really in control of this country do their work behind the scenes no matter what. Campaigning and politics is in place to give people false hope. It's just a game I choose not to play or get involved with any longer"

"Voting has become "which is the less of 2 evils"-- our choices are pathetic-- 1 is a big a crook as the other."

"Lack of choices... neither party relates to the population. we all know its about big money and lies no matter which party is in office"

Well this pretty well sums it up

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Play-time is over, children: Putin's message to the Western elites is most important since Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' speech

Play-time is over, children: Putin's message to the Western elites is most important since Churchill's 'Iron Curtain' speech

Most people in the English-speaking parts of the world missed Putin's speech at the Valdai conference in Sochi a few days ago, and, chances are, those of you who have heard of the speech didn't get a chance to read it, and missed its importance.

For your convenience, I am pasting in the full transcript of his speech below.

Western media did their best to ignore it or to twist its meaning. Regardless of what you think or don't think of Putin  this is probably the most important political speech since Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech of March 5, 1946. 

In this speech, Putin abruptly changed the rules of the game.

Previously, the game of international politics was played as follows: politicians made public pronouncements, for the sake of maintaining a pleasant fiction of national sovereignty, but they were strictly for show and had nothing to do with the substance of international politics

In the meantime, they engaged in secret back-room negotiations, in which the actual deals were hammered out.

Putin tried to play this game, expecting only that Russia be treated as an equal. But these hopes have been dashed, and at this conference he declared the game to be over, explicitly violating Western taboo by speaking directly to the people over the heads of elite clans and political leaders. 

The Russian blogger chipstone summarized the most salient points from Putin speech as follows: 

1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective security, are based on fairness and take into account the interests of each side.

2. All systems of global collective security now lie in ruins. There are no longer any international security guarantees at all. And the entity that destroyed them has a name: The United States of America.

3. The builders of the New World Order have failed, having built a sand castle. Whether or not a new world order of any sort is to be built is not just Russia's decision, but it is a decision that will not be made without Russia.

4. Russia favors a conservative approach to introducing innovations into the social order, but is not opposed to investigating and discussing such innovations, to see if introducing any of them might be justified.

5. Russia has no intention of going fishing in the murky waters created by America's ever-expanding "empire of chaos," and has no interest in building a new empire of her own (this is unnecessary; Russia's challenges lie in developing her already vast territory). Neither is Russia willing to act as a savior of the world, as she had in the past.

6. Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image. Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.

7. Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war - nor does she fear it.

8. Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order - until their efforts start to impinge on Russia's key interests. Russia would prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their poor heads can take. But those who manage to drag Russia into this process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true meaning of pain.

9. In her external, and, even more so, internal politics, Russia's power will rely not on the elites and their back-room dealing, but on the will of the people.

To these nine points I would like to add a tenth: 

10. There is still a chance to construct a new world order that will avoid a world war. This new world order must of necessity include the United States - but can only do so on the same terms as everyone else: subject to international law and international agreements; refraining from all unilateral action; in full respect of the sovereignty of other nations. 

To sum it all up: play-time is over. Children, put away your toys. Now is the time for the adults to make decisions. Russia is ready for this; is the world? 

Full Speech here

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Monday, November 17, 2014



Facebook is a money pit.

In 2012 Facebook appealed to the government to sell shares of stock to the public. In the vicinity of $75 billion, Facebook's "stocks" are the data that we input into our profiles.

Facebook mines our information to sell companies who orchestrate invasive advertising campaigns.

What was once a fun fuss-free platform, Facebook is now littered with ads — a virtual gold mine for the $200 billion company. In December 2013, Facebook launched video advertisements, making it an increasingly unsafe environment for the cash-strapped entrepreneur. Facebook makes far more money from us then we make from it, statistics show.

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Last month, the Huffington Post published "How to Quit Facebook Without Experiencing Withdrawal" suggesting that to elevate the anxiety of quitting Facebook, a person should seek solace on another channel.

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Entrepreneurs should spend their time on a platform that generates revenue, unearths contacts and cements their brand. The "garbage bag" mix found on a Facebook feed is not the forum to do this.

Facebook insists upon a 14-day cooling off period when a person deletes their account, perhaps relying on a moment of weakness for the user to withdraw their request by simply logging back in.

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Big Pharma & Big Government. A Story About Flu, Fraud, and Corruption

Big Pharma & Big Government. A Story About Flu, Fraud, and Corruption

The chronic care management and disease business of the World is growing rapidly. Take a good look at all the pharmaceutical advertisements on television. These are synthetic, untested chemical drugs and aluminum-laden vaccines pushed on the public like candy, with side effects much worse than the condition they are supposed to treat.’

Do you recall during the infamous FALSE FLAG 2006 “bird flu” and the soon to follow 2009 “swine flu” hoaxes the extent to which Big Pharma’s blockbuster antiviral drug, Tamiflu, was aggressively promoted government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its loyal partner more accurately marketed by the government in crime the mainstream media of lies and deception?

They have an agenda and its big business at your health cost.

Recently the EBO -LIE another fear mongering campaign and so many fall into there trap only a few can see the deception may it be the individual that refuse to take there poison? 

Looking back one can see their goal was rather transparent on several levels. Bid up Tamiflu stock prices using fear, government power, and the media to scare the daylights out of the publc regarding the conjured up “outbreak” and then hammer into the public mind the necessity of experimental vaccine as they been doing with the latest EBO-LIE along with their partner in crime FDA and the owned corporate media.

Doctors fell under the spell cast by the above three and began prescribing more poison. Then there were the questionable vaccines. Follow the Money! Many trusting and compliant public stocked up on Tamiflu, while the CDC backed the con by confidently proclaiming Tamiflu was the only drug on the entire planet that could ameliorate flu symptoms and reduce flu complications like bronchitis and pneumonia. The Public fell for there lies WHY?

FDA officials even threatened anyone attempting to compete with Tamiflu by offering a non-pharmaceutical alternative.

In a matter of weeks the entireworld was under the trance. Call it what you will "witchcraft" "old black magic" works like a charm, especially when the media is involved. The rest is history.

Follow the Money

making catbird seat.

Fact that Gilead via Roche Tamiflu marketer cashed in big on the fake 2009 Swine flu pandemic as well.  The 2006 avian flu pandemic hoax  had already netted Donald Rumsfeld millions.  Not surprisingly, Rumsfeld was also positioned to make mega bucks off Tamiflu again via the swine flu hoax. He still had a stake in Gilead “valued at between $5 million and $25 million.”   And we know the Swine flu hoax took off like a rocket along with Tamiflu sales, of course.

In advertising positioning is everything. Making big money is also about positioning or being in the right place at the right time. U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was chairman of the board of directors of Gilead in 1997-2001while the bulk of their advertising and marketing expenses were covered in large part gratis by the government and the media.

 The UK Independent reported in a 2006 article: “Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug”: Donald Rumsfeld has made a killing out of bird flu. The US Defense Secretary has made more than $5m (£2.9m) in capital gains from selling shares in the biotechnology firm that discovered and developed Tamiflu, the drug being bought in massive amounts by Governments to treat a possible human pandemic of the disease.

There is one huge problem though, Tamiflu is as fake and fraudulent as the flu pandemics it was supposed to protect us from.

A package of Tamiflu,  ten 75 mg capsules costs anywhere from $80 to $100 depending on where you get it!

The recommended dose is 75 mg 2x a day, so a standard course of “treatment” is 5 days and costs roughly $100.

This is very slick drug dealing. Sell the masses a contrived health crisis and then push the highly profitable solution down their throats with a little help from friends in positions of power.

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Britain And Australia Agree to Censor Online “Extremist Material”

Britain And Australia Agree to Censor Online “Extremist Material”

What do they consider an Extremist

 For the past several years, the government in the UK has been making radical moves to censor the internet within its borders.

But many censorship mechanisms are actually already in place and have been for some time.

The censorship push began with restrictions against pornography in 2012, which was Sold to the Masses as a way to protect the children. This is just there dirty tricks to further there agenda.

More than porn has been filtered out by this new censorship tool, large portions of the internet were randomly blocked because the algorithm used in the filter is highly inaccurate.

I can contest to this last February 2014 150 pages I had were deleted from various locations on the internet

To top it off I never received an email or any notification. Even recently my Google Account and Youtube were both suspended

Initially contained within the fine print of the original censorship laws were references to “extremist material”, but this was largely Ignored by the Mainstream Media at the time because no one ever thought that the censorship would threaten the freedom of political speech.

So they Wasted No Time these slippery slithering snakes after implementing the porn filters, the government in the UK did go forward with their goal of blocking what they deem to be “extremist content” from the internet.

Recently if you watched David Cameron on the news he mentioned this just recently

Prime Minister David Cameron recently said in a statement that:

“A new and pressing challenge is getting extremist material taken down from the internet. There is a role for government in that. We must not allow the internet to be an ungoverned space. But there is a role for companies too. In the UK, we are pushing them to do more, including strengthening filters, improving reporting mechanisms and being more proactive in taking down this harmful material. We are making progress, but there is further to go. This is their social responsibility, and we expect them to live up to it.”

The major internet service providers in the country have all agreed to go along with the new censorship regulations, and government sources even reported that Facebook and Google will also be participating in the effort to block content that the government finds undesirable, in both the UK and Australia.

A Virgin Media spokesperson confirmed the censorship measures with Tech Crunch, saying that

 “We’re exploring options that will enable more extremist content to be filtered and reported online. We’ll continue talks with Government as we work through the technical details.”

BT, another major internet service provider also made a statement on the matter, confirming that they will be censoring content for the government.

“We have had productive dialogue with Government about addressing the issue of extremist content online and we are working through the technical details,” a BT representative said in a statement.

Its here and its going to get worst now is the time to back up material, contact your friends with current contact information because they are and will be removing material

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