Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is the Latest Ebola Scare Nothing More Than a False Flag 

We have been so habituated to false flag terror attacks dealing with WMDs, lone wolf gunmen, planes going down and other government sponsored groups that we may be failing to see that the elite have changed their tactics a little and started biological false flag psy-ops.

For example, they could be creating a campaign to make it seem like a lethal virus may have a chance of spreading (create a problem) in order to get people to be scared and cry for more security measures (create a reaction) that would in turn get everyone to go along with the signing of an executive order that was already in the works as well as distribute medical kits and setup more invasive screenings at airports (create a solution).

All of this would then increase their police state measures and is what they had wanted to do in the first place.

In this latest Ebola case story, we have two infected patients being transferred from Africa to the U.S. The people are put in fear that the virus may leak out and spread the disease, causing a nationwide outbreak. So therefore, more security measures are initiated and implemented and, at the same time, takes away more of our freedoms and rights.

Since this Ebola outbreak in Africa occurred, Obama signed an executive order to allow medical authorities to forcibly detain anyone with a respiratory illness (see here and here). Shortly around the same time, they announced that two American patients in Africa who were infected with the Ebola virus would be transported from Africa to Atlanta, GA.

It’s something that is completely unheard of and makes no logical sense whatsoever because when you have a lethal disease like Ebola, you quarantine and isolate the disease and then bring the doctors and equipment to the patient. You don’t bring the infected patient to the doctor and the equipment, especially when that doctor and equipment are thousands of miles away in another country where the chances of anything happening on the way over and the risk of spreading the disease is extremely high. It goes against every rule in the book.

However, despite all of that, they do it anyways, which sends out all alerts and draws media attention towards it and away from something else, like all false flags do.

Then there are conflicting reports that say that the Ebola virus is an airborne virus but the people are told by CDC spokesperson, Deborah Reynolds and CNN reporter, Tom Foreman, that the Ebola virus that has infected the two American patients is not airborne. So which is it? Airborne or not?

When looking at CNN and FOX news analyses in the past, we see that whenever a false flag occurs, they have this new high-tech, computer generated studio with special effects just completely ready to be shown to the people at that exact moment, as though they knew it was going to happen and that it was all a part of the propaganda. They did the same thing for the missing flight MH370 story and now they are doing it again for this Ebola case.

The schematics of the airplane as well as the layered containment shelter in it make you wonder how in the world did the mainstream media know about all of these details so quickly?

The same thing happens with every false flag gun shooting such as the Sandyhook shooting now know to be a false flag, even FBI says no one murdered.or terror attack that they have done in the past. So you can’t tell me that they didn't know about this far, far in advance and weeks ahead of time because I don’t believe anyone can make a show like that in less than an hour, no matter how good of a special effects person you are.

The mainstream media had to of known what’s going on and knew about it way ahead of time. Also, wouldn't there be talk of the military escorting this plane carrying a lethal disease to its location?

Then when they bring in the first patient, Dr. Kent Brantly, to the CDC facility in Atlanta, GA, we hear reports that the patient is in a containment suit and is walking out of the ambulance with a few other people and that the plane is going back to pick up the other infected patient, Nancy Writebol, in Africa because it can only carry one infected patient at a time and we are made to believe that they only have ONE of these types of airplanes in existence. Baloney!

Also how did the patient get into the containment suit without infecting anyone or contaminating anything?

In addition to that, we see pictures of a few vans escorting an ordinary ambulance containing the infected patient.

I don’t know about you, but if this thing was so lethal and can easily outbreak if even a pinhole occurred in that suit, wouldn't you have more security or military around that vehicle? Wouldn’t you have a huge semi-tractor trailer with the patient inside of it if it was that lethal instead of a simple ambulance that has no protection whatsoever if the virus got out?

What if a supposed terrorist, decided to kidnap the guy and use him to outbreak the virus in a populated area? When transporting a terrorist, you have high security all over the place, but nothing for this patient who is supposed to be the equivalent of a ticking time bomb. It makes no sense and almost looks staged and similar to many false flag that have occurred in the past.

Also, a news person in the upper left corner with a video camera taking footage but has no protective gear on him. If everyone else is wearing protective suits, then why is he not wearing one? It makes no sense. Also, we all know how CNN is notorious for staging false flag events.

Furthermore, we have this greasy, used car salesman of a doctor, Dr. Richard Besser (ABC Chief Health and Medical Editor) telling everyone that the hospital is secure and the virus and patient will be isolated and assures everyone that we all have nothing to worry about as the patient will be in good hands.

As the story continues, we see more articles surfacing on how to possibly treat or cure Ebola with Vitamin C or Colloidal Silver

Finally, we have a report saying that the infected patient is improving.

Improving? A 90% mortality rate, but within a day because he went to the CDC center in Atlanta, GA, all of a sudden he is improving? Does that make any sense to anyone?

So to recap, we have two infected patients. One is transported on a plane in a plastic containment area. He is then transported to the CDC with very little security in an ordinary ambulance and has the ability to get into a containment suit without infecting anyone or contaminating the environment. People without any protective gear on are taking video footage of him when they are supposed to not even be in the same area as him. Lastly, he is then said to be improving the next day.

As stated before, this whole thing seems to be a biological false flag, government psy-op. In addition to all of this, NYC held its largest biological terror attack drill that same day.

Anyone who knows about false flags knows that a drill always takes place during a false flag operation. Furthermore, the fact that the mainstream is reporting all over this means that this fear-mongering propaganda to further create tighter police state measures.

Finally, we then have the experimental Ebola vaccine that the U.S. government just happens to have ready for trials at this same exact time to quell the people’s fears.

While some of you may not agree, the more this story is played out, the more it seems that it is all a fabricated

However, that’s not to say that the Ebola outbreak in Africa is untrue. It’s just that as Rockefeller always says, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

Whether or not this Ebola case story is genuine or a false flag, we need to be more alert and keep in mind on the possibility that the elite will not only use WMDs, lone wolf shooters, planes and other groups to commit false flag terror, but may be upping their game to biological false flag psy-ops, as well.

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  1. I feel that what is being called Ebola is rather a Bio Containment Lab Level 4 virus, that was bio-engineered for several reasons. First: It has been engineered to make people sick, but in a true Hegelian Effect of problem, reaction, solution - the solution being Big Pharma saving the day with an untested vaccine which either the people will be so full of fear that they will rush to get their shot, or the government will make the vaccine mandatory for all, or else. The end result would be billions of dollars for the 4 large global pharmaceutical companies, and millions dead from whatever was in the vaccine. Second: The accompanying panic could be used to usher in Martial Law, which would be the end of freedom and government, and ruled by the Elite with a puppet as a mouth piece such as Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro. Those who resisted could either be shot on the spot or taken away to perhaps a FEMA camp to never be seen again. Whole groups of Patriots could be taken out by a missle fired from a Predator Drone a hundred miles away. Third: Population reduction, which is the dream of all eugenicists such as Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, etc. Their aim being to reduce the population down to around 5oo million world wide, to till the soil and tend to the crops, to maintain all systems and cater to the elite who of course are not included in the 6 1/2 billion population reduction. Those toilers and tillers would be genetically modified at egg & sperm level to work hard and be docile. They would be schooled by the government to not only know what their role is, but also to be brainwashed into believing that the elite rulers are superior and to be respected and worshiped at all costs. Fourth: I believe that this virus is race specific: It has been engineered to mainly eradicate the black race. Africa has everything that the big corporate conglomerates could ever want. Oil, uranium, chromium, diamonds, Gold, Silver, etc. And they mean to have it all! Their view is that the world’s resources is theirs for the taking, to be sold for profit. They have already created havoc in North Africa. They have manufactured situations which have resulted in the deposing of leaders such as Gaddafi in Libya, North Africa. To have free reign over Africa they must first get rid of the people. Fifth: I believe that the NWO Elite want WWIII. It would insure the death of millions that the virus didn’t kill, those who are immune. It would speed up the process of which they have worked centuries for. Finally, it is as though the NWO feels like they are running out of time, and if they don’t act now, they might not be able to act at a future date because millions around the world are opening their eyes to what is going on around them.