Thursday, October 30, 2014

Scarier Than Ebola is your Government and the owners of the Government and there news Many are unaware still that mass media is owned by just a handful across america

Scarier Than Ebola is your Government and the owners of the Government and there News  Networks

Many are unaware still that mass media is owned by just a handful across america

We see news media pounded at american s and other nations of there propaganda.

Some news is worthy but much of it is waste of time, we have a report that someone show the systems of Ebola yep that great new, well its not news.

This propaganda crossed into Canada people sneeze, I have a soar throat and they must have Ebola this is more of FEAR FEAR FEAR campaign from the US and there propaganda machine

US is good at it , weapons of mass destruction, Sandy Hook school shootings, Boston Bombing and these were all proven HOAXES but so many people fall for there great acting and no common sense of lack of critical thinking

The only thing we caught is stupidity and ignorance

Don t get me wrong if you feel sick go to get medical help, but don media please stop your campaign of fear to get ratings publish crap on news maybe its Ebola , until it is.

There has not been one case of Ebola in Canada but this might change if you take the vaccine because news from people in Africa say they are getting it from the vaccines, Take it infect someone else

Now that a story that not being told, wonder why well these pharmaceutical companies want your cash . they tried this same crap a few years back with H1N1 and that also was proved to be a HOAX - why aren't these people going to jail

Or pay for the cost of the damage they did Harper the puppet for the Bilderberg group spent a fortune of Canadian tax dollars on a HOAX that's OK we have lots of hard earned slave money from the uneducated tax payers to bail out this scam and to add the massive bailouts to private banks in Canada missed the head lines that not news

Today they broadcast a 6 year old on how she dances who cares really. They spend hours promoting new gadgets , cant these companies do there won advertising.

Its all a game and no one can see it but a few time to wake up

Americans must watch allot of TV because they sure have allot of news channels trying to get ratings, or i mean money this is what I think. Its there new job create work program

Same as the court system another money grab from the the tax slave.

Social workers also another tax grab create work project. Yes there are many great social workers but i have read many cases where they create there own work to keep themselves employed. Prove me wrong on this

We could use a few pointers on prudence.

Do me a favor. Turn away from the ceaseless media coverage of Ebola in Texas — the interviews with the Dallas nurse’s neighbors, the hand-wringing over her pooch, the instructions on protective medical gear — and answer this:

Have you had your flu shot? Are you planning on one?

I ho[e not until you really do your research

During the 2013-2014 flu season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 46 percent of Americans received vaccinations against influenza, even though it kills about 3,000 people in this country in a good year

Pharmaceutical companies look how many deaths a year by them.These are deaths by a familiar assassin. Many of them could have been prevented. So why aren't we demanding that in the news?
News is for one benefit programming that's it, soon you will believe everything they say because they said it wake up

Why fixate on remote threats that we feel we can’t control when there are immediate ones that we simply don’t bother to?

Bank Fraud, Monsanto,, GMOs , Chem -trails and number one your child's education

On matters exotic, we’re rapt. On matters quotidian, which are nonetheless matters of life and death, we’re cavalier. Tens of thousands die in car crashes annually

Seat-belts. another money grab there has been no clear for or for not, its like Al Gore Lie on global warming. Go outside look up its called the Sun its the cause of global heating now were in a new cycle its called global cooling

it must of been my diet growing up, never had the opportunity to eat poisonous food. Lived of garden grown food, drank water from a well, and creeks and rivers and ate Elk, Deer and Moose meat, and was raised on farm pigs and free range eggs.

Proven fact food in boxes is not healthy and has major side effects

Perhaps that didn't make a difference in many cases. In some, it probably did. But on this front, as on others, we have clear answers about how to minimize risk and we simply proceed to forget or ignore them.

Eat healthy, play in the dirt and educate your children to stop using all the crap they sell them make-up, hairspray nail polish, yes you look beautiful but that shot causes many diseases

There’s no way to square skin-cancer statistics in any country — more than 3.5 million cases diagnosed yearly and almost 10,000 deaths but yes suntanning is good or is it the crap you put on to block the sun. Now there's something news worthy

With the number of people showing off their tans. They aren't all getting body paint.

They've been lectured about sunscreen and shade and hats. But vanity trumps sanity, and melanoma rides its coattails.

I’m not dismissing the horror of Ebola, a full-blown crisis in Africa that should command the whole world’s assistance. And Ebola in the United States certainly warrants concern. We’re still searching for definitive answers about transmission and prevention.

But People already have such answers about a host of other, greater perils to our health, and we’d be wiser to reacquaint ourselves with those, and recommit to heeding them, than to worry about our imminent exposure to Ebola.

I mentioned a few above Monsanto, who cares about the labeling battle just Stop them, have them state one fact on there package as they do with smokes , THIS SIT GOING TO KILL YOU

“People get very fearful and stressed out and have a lot of anxiety about things like Ebola that aren't a general health risk,” said Jeffrey Duchin, who is the chairman of the public health committee of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. “Just look at causes of death in the United States. Everything is higher than Ebola, and there are things that we can do about many of them.”

Duchin also pointed out that between 2.7 and 5.2 million Americans are believed to be infected with the hepatitis C virus. Deaths related to it can range widely, from 17,000 to 80,000 annually, he said. There’s a test for it. There’s effective treatment. But the C.D.C. says that up to 75 percent of the people with the virus don’t know they have it.

Hand-washing. Ebola or no Ebola, it’s a responsible and frequently disregarded way to lessen health risks. I have use public washrooms watch people do there thing and walk straight out without washing, sometime I say hey you forget to wash some look at me and do it some just shrug me off

They are in such a hurry to get back to watch the news i guess they forgot the important things

So a few ideas: fewer potato chips. Less sugary soda. Safer sex.

Maybe take the cell phones away from children and the game box and give them a bike or a ball and walk them to a park or take them on a hike may be a worthy cause

Important too stop buying bottle water, force your government to give you clean drinking water and remove the damn fluoride from the water, also bottle water is the same as your tap water, except one thing its not sitting in a plastic bottle

That might be the taste you find different

.Anyone looking for an epidemic to freak out about can find one right there.

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