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Behind the Evil Eye - the Bilderberg

Behind the Evil Eye

The all seeing eye is a powerful metaphor of all pervading consciousness. The Illuminati banksters use it on the dollar bill.  Now they are building a police state control grid, huge NSA data centers so that Jews can spy on your every move.  All NSA data goes to Israel first.

Well what does this all seeing eye symbol represent? Power, control, obedience, god, will of the powerful elite to rule all things by seeing everything.  Governments put up spy satellites to watch our every move as if we are rats in a cage or ants in an ant farm.  The all seeing eye, the evil eye looking down on us demeans our very existence and human spirit.

Movies are made about the all powerful evil eye and the one who wears the ring of power.  This is a metaphor for the all powerful state and behind it one man who has the ring of power.  In movies things are often simplified, made black and white.  One evil ruler who controls all is a simplification.

Who is this one man who must have all the power, all of the control, all of the wealth in real life?  That seems to be a big mystery to those who search for the one true antichrist ruler.  There is no such man, but many men who are working seemingly in concert. The world is run by a fluid group of men who have power, and to get power these days is not by the sword, it is by having economic control.

Those that control - own. They own the stock shares, they own banks, they run corporations. We are ruled by owners, owners are “the man”, these men are on the Bilderberg roster. They are also television personalities, they make opinion, they run the news headlines, they decide what gets printed, they decide what you think if you let them. If you watch the Jewtube, you are being spoon fed the evil Jewish propaganda, your mind is being Talmudicisized.

Unless you are strapped in a chair at your local Zionist psychiatric ward, no one can make you believe anything. You decide your input, you control your consciousness, you are responsible for your energy. Your consciousness field, your emotions, your spirit is yours to decide unless you get caught in the Zioweb of power, interned at Camp Gulag, or if you voluntarily believe in some religious mind spell.

The power behind the eye is a group effort, an unconscious effort of many people all seeking the same dark thing. They are aligned by their own wills, by a similar resonance in consciousness, by the same  economic belief of getting rich. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, everyone want to be king, everyone wants to rule the world. Usually the most ruthless succeed and thus the system manifests rule by psychopaths.

So it looks like religions oppose one another, but I tell you they are all in the same boat, every one of them wants to control, they want power through mind control.  Christians and Jews are aligned with Muslims in that sense, each religion is trying to control a certain geographical area with a set of memes.  All religions oppose true human freedom, although they might claim otherwise.

So who is behind the evil eye of the Lord of the Rings?  We are.   Our consciousness. There is no god behind the curtain, you are behind the curtain pulling all of the levers.  It is you that wants power, not some god.  The Christian god is not demanding you take over the Middle East, it is your own need to control telling you that.

Imagine if you created the Universe and spun it into motion, imagine you gave it's beings free will, what would you want from any of them?  Worship?  Devotion?  Would you want to "lord" over them?  Of course not, you would want nothing and you wouldn't interfere.  God who has everything wants nothing.

But humans have imagined exactly the opposite of that, we imagine god to be be angry and ruthless, micromanaging the affairs of men.  But god is doing nothing because ... god is not there.  God doesn't care about your fate because god is not there.  You care, you are the only man behind the curtain but to avoid coming to that conclusion men have imagined a god who was here, left, and is coming back.  That way they don't have to own their actions.

The entire salvation meme, god coming to our rescue meme, god is coming back with vengeance meme, Jesus is coming again meme is based on the faulty assumption that god exists, cares, and is coming back to rescue us from the devil.  But the devil doesn't exist either, only we exist.  The only devil are the ones amongst us who are taking us into hell, mostly with our own compliance.

So who is the one man, the devil in the flesh, who rises amongst the control freaks, becomes the most ruthless psychopath?  It's obvious who he is right now.  Benjamin Netanyahu, he is the obvious first choice for the dark matter manifesting.  But he is us, he has captured our consciousness and is bringing our own evil to fruition.  Doubt that?  Then why aren't we arresting him?

If we weren't evil we would never tolerate evil.  When the antichrist comes to town, are you going to be ebullient, so happy to see him?  Bibi Netanyahu is probably one of the most evil men alive right now, so why is he treated as a god?  Because we approve of evil, we worship evil, our collective consciousness is evil.

So what is behind the evil eye?  Our own energy.  How could any normal rationale loving being every approve of what the Jew is doing to Palestine?  Because so many people are aligned with evil, because the book they read, and agree with, the Christian holy book is evil, and the book is evil because it is about controlling others and to control others you must assert your will over others.

The Christian commentator may condemn pop stars using the all seeing eye symbology but they do not condemn control over others.  If we are free beings then spiritual people should universally condemn all forms of control, not just control by other groups.  It is hypocritical to condemn Muslim control but not see your own Christian nation controlling energy.

Christians agree with the devil Satanyahu (who unlike Hitler who wanted Jews to leave Germany and assisted them in doing so)  Netanyahu wants to kill Palestinians in place, he won't let them escape, like shooting fish in a barrel.  He is exercising the logical Jewish state control, merciless killing of helpless people.  Netanyhau is exerting the greatest state control every attempted and Christians wholeheartedly agree.

So in order for the devout to believe they are not evil, they imagine a god ordaining government, god appointing the rulers, a god behind the control apparatus.   But there is obviously no god doing any choosing of state, we do that with voting.  We created the state with the god meme, we gave ourselves permission to jail others with god.

The Bible says God established authority, but we wrote the Bible, and those that choose to believe, hold on to the 'god wrote the Bible meme' as a way to negate their own compliance in the scam.  God wrote no book, god doesn't write books, we write books in the name of god in order to get control over others, to extend authority where we should not, beyond our own selves.

The most evil state imaginable is evil Israel, rule by Jewish dictat, rule not be reason but by the will of the racist Jew.   Only Jews are allowed to immigrate, get married, drive on freeways, etc.  Israel is the perfect Communist state, the perfect racist state, the perfect national security state, the perfect state of paranoia, the perfect expression of Jewish consciousness.

No one has the right to lord over others, no group has the right to organize and force others to violate their own sovereignty.  The state is evil and can only be evil because of what it can only do, use force against the individual.  So what is beyond the all seeing eye, what is the malevolence that destroys our beings.  It is us and our limited thinking, our own badness, our own need to control others.

Liberation comes when we give up trying to control the rest of the world.  We can no longer stand hell when we graduate from hell thinking, when we see the Bible and the Jew for what they really are and reject them from our being then we will be free.

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