Saturday, January 24, 2015

My friends, have we not learned that modern wars settle no disputes?

Father Charles E. Coughlin Archive Page
"...My friends, have we not learned that modern wars settle no disputes? By this time are we not dissillusioned? Do we not realize that wars are the enemy of democracy? Do we not appreciate that poor men- the laborers and farmers- pay for all wars- pay with their lives or their liberties?"

Fr. Charles E. Coughlin of Royal Oak, Michigan had one of the most popular radio shows in the U.S. during the late 1930's. At his height of popularity, upwards of thirty million listeners tuned in to his radio show each week and he received 10,000 letters per week with a clerical staff of over 100 people. He advocated a sound money system, abolition of the Federal Reserve, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and was a stringent opponent of both Nazism and Communism, which he pointed out was funded by corrupt Jewish interests and international bankers. Fr. Coughlin exposed war-mongers and government propagandists, which made him a real threat to the establishment. He was a devout and influencial priest who stressed the Gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ. The government banned his programs and threatened to arrest and imprison him. I consider Fr. Coughlin one of the wisest and greatest American heros ever. His material is an absolute treaure, a must-see. His work, in retrospect, was prophetic and still holds true today. .

Father Coughlin speaks against the Federal Reserve
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