Thursday, November 27, 2014

Does Vladimir Putin celebrate Thanksgiving? Well he Enjoying Liberty

Does Vladimir Putin celebrate Thanksgiving? I don't know, but he ought to be grateful this year. No leader on the planet escaped as many obstacles from the Zionist Jew Bankers since Hitler and Germany
 as the Russian president has in 2014.

Bought and paid for Main Stream News media push Putin's luck will run out soon, but the actual Russians we've heard from disagree. They like Putin — and think he is just what Russia needs right now and the People of the World

On that point, they may be right.

Putin Just Recently band Monsanto from Russia - now here is a a leader protecting the people from poison. Well US Canada still being poisoned  

With the Formation of  BRIC  to topple the IMF and the Cabal

If you haven't kept up with Ukraine news, not much has changed with propaganda from western news

Ukraine citizens still control the Eastern provinces from understanding who there real threat is the Zionists Jew bankers. The  Zionist Kiev government seems powerless to resist the will of the people

The Zionists in  the U.S. and NATO are still in stealth trying to occupy another nation  through stealth and puppet governments not going to help.

That being the case, Eastern Ukraine appears set to remain free as a Russian territory indefinitely. In other words, the PEOPLE WIN and Putin wins.

Western economic sanctions are clearly having no  impact on Russia, as are tumbling oil prices.

Russia is self sufficient, they have more resources than many countries combined also they are not going to be pushed around like other countries controlled by US fiat cash. But this is changing as recent news indicates Canada is moving to the BRIC with latest deal with China founder member of the BRIC

Bankrupt US, Australia, Canada and the UK under the Zionist Bankers empire are seeing a clear picture the US dollar

The Obama administration apparently thinks the Russian people will rise up and demand change if we just create enough suffering for them.

The problem with this theory is that Russians don't mind they are educated and realize the importance of a healthy free nation and oppose tyranny from Zionist bankers.

They've successfully endured it for centuries. They wear it as a badge of pride, so another year or two is no big deal to them. They know the final outcome Zionists Banking cartel is collapsing more each day.

Here is a letter from a reader with Russian connections. That in received in an Email
Bella K. says:
This is a well-educated and well-informed person, a hardcore Russian patriot. This person is typical of the 80% or more of the Russian population who eagerly and wholeheartedly support Putin and his policies.

They perceive not Russia, but the USA as an aggressor. Their views of the Ukrainian conflict are directly opposite of our views here — and I am not talking about Putin and his cohort, but ordinary Russians.
“Russians consider the sanctions very unfair, yet they take it as a challenge, a competition they're determined to win. They are WILLING to accept great sacrifices — whatever it takes! — to defend their national pride and not submit to Western pressure.
“These people just came out of near-starvation in the 1990s; they're not strangers to extreme frugality. Indeed, Russian history shows that Putin's plan to rebuild their economy is realistic. They did it during WWII. They have all the resources internally.
“This is Putin's chance to ask people to accept sacrifices — and they will! — in order to rebuild and diversify their economy IN SPITE of the sanctions. The people have clear goals (conveyed to them by Putin), motivation and determination to achieve those goals.
“Putin already improved their living standards, so they trust him. In light of the sanctions, the spirit of mobilization is not unlike that of the WWII period in the USA.
“For all these reasons, I do not believe Putin is bluffing. He knows what kind of people he is leading and what resources are at his disposal. They're all survivors.

“As repugnant as it might sound to the Western ear, Putin has made all the right moves for himself, and some for Russia. So far, he is succeeding. His new economic revitalization plan could actually work.“
Thanks, Bella. You make a strong case for the Russian viewpoint. If your description is accurate, the Western sanctions aren't just ineffective. They are actually counterproductive, giving Putin's people more reasons to support him.
Bella's letter made me think of another article I saw in a magazine. The title is Putin's World: Why Russia's Showdown with the West Will Worsen. The author is Vitaliy Katsenelson, who grew up in Russia and is now an investment manager in Colorado.
I won't repeat the entire article here but I urge everyone to read it. Katsenelson is no Putin fan. He was glad to escape Russia with his family. As an experiment, he recently spent a full week reading only Russian web sites and viewing only Russian TV news.
His conclusion: The Russian people are solidly behind their leader.
If this doesn't change, we have to face two consequences.
  • Europe will remain unstable, with other nations like the Baltics
  • The talk of a “new Cold War“ will increasingly become more than just talk. It may not turn into a hot war, but we'll see more and more “soft“ confrontations between the U.S. and Russia.
I take pleasure in reporting this to you as truth, but I think it is important for you to know. We are on the edge of global changes as important as the the recent landing on a comet a few weeks ago.
The world is awake to the lies from Zionist puppet governments who have been on one path of destroying every aspect of your prosperity and liberty in the disguise of democracy. Which we all know is a shame.
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