Saturday, November 15, 2014

Judge Warns North Carolina Police to Put Their Persoanal Property into Someone Else’s Name

North Carolina Police Departments all over the state have warned their officers to put their personal property (houses, land, cars and other assets) into someone else’s name because they may now be subject to lawsuits from the People of North Carolina. 

The warning was issued in response to the recent ruling that upheld that the local Police
Departments in North Carolina are classified as “private entities” and NOT connected to the state of North Carolina.

Judicial Review Judge, Paul C. Ridgeway, Wake County General Court Of Justice, Superior Court Division, upheld a lower court ruling that most Public Officials / Agencies are “private entities.”

Judge Ridgeway upheld the earlier (1.17.11) ruling of lower court Judge J. Randall May
in Class v. NORTH CAROLINA, Case No. 10 DOT 7047 (now known as 11 CVS

Nearly every day on television or via the internet, news comes across the wire about another Police Officer who has used excessive force.

Pets are being murdered. Mentally ill are being murdered. Police Officers attack peaceful protestors in riot gear, with tear gas and military armament.  

These stories are becoming more and more prevalent in our society.

Ever wonder why? Here might be a clue:

The police officers will now also have to fund their own Surety Bonds.

Judge Ridgeway’s September 15, 2011 ruling creates a conflict in the public’s perception of basic government legitimacy because Judge Howard E. Manning, Jr (who rescued himself in August 2011) declared in Mr. Class’ 4.21.11 hearing that “the Defendants were NOT ‘private entities’ or ‘private contractors’ “, but were “public officials.”

Video on youtube
or you can watch Video here

Are the judges confused? Are these “government” agencies and officials NOT what they’re portraying to their constituents?

Are they immune because they’re “private”? Do we actually have government “agencies” and elect “Public” Officials OR do we deal with “Private Entities”?

Is the public being frauded?

So many questions! So many conflicts!

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