Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why Join TSU and How To Get Friends to Join TSU and their Friends

How To Get Friends to Join TSU and teenagers to sign up

Most teenagers are already on Facebook, so they will have no problem on this platform

So your on TSU and your wondering how you can get more people to understand what TSU is.

Its an opportunity LIKE YOU never seen.

Well its exactly like Facebook except you get compensated for material you post, likes and sharing posts that you feel are are great posts

TSU is a new concept way over due FACEBOOK made billions of of people just like you sharing information well TSU wants to pay you to do the same thing.

FaceBook made Billions on this concept

Teens are on Facebook already so why not try TSU and see what happens.

You will get paid for your efforts to build the next generation Social media site and its Free

How to Join well its simple you click this link here

You fill out registration form and then you will sign in just like FaceBook ,you load your avatar your personal picture just like FaceBook , then load header picture.

When your page comes up your name is to the right of the page click on drown Menu and select Profile this takes you to your home Page.

Wow looks just like FaceBook  You post information just the same. Except with TSU you get paid for interaction with others.

Its a no brainier here and the opportunity of a life time.

Join now and invite your friends

Its a win to join TSU or stay with the other social media sites that do no compensate you like TSU does

Parents who have kids can instantly have their friends join there down line (which are called children in TSU ) and your children have friends and lots of friends.  In time there friends will all switch to TSU when they see the benefits and compensation there friends are receiving from TSU.

As people that you invite using your invite code that can be found by going to "Settings" tab located right next to your name. From  their select the drop down arrow and clicking on invitations on the right hand side of the screen.

Your code will be a link that looks something like this: user name)

Now that  you have your code you can go onto Facebook. Join lots of groups such groups like make money making groups on Facebook and other sites on the internet that are available .Post  your code or what I call your URL and pictures.

You can use email, Twitter and even word of mouth to family, friends, and even co-workers.

To advertise this there are many ways . Please look at the two links below after reading the entire article

25 Places to Share Your Tsu Invite URL So what does this mean for early adopters (yes that's you) of the platform...?

TSU Challenge What Is TSU Learn More This is my Christmas Gift To You

The group I am with has a committed team to build assist each other with growth and available information to updates to improve growth for the team.

Notice how many members are in the groups that you join. You want to join groups that works together and WE ARE THAT GROUP

The more people that are in the group the more exposure you will gain on your post.from team members helping each other.

Which means the higher your chances are that you will gain even more children on Tsu.

When you have new friends join they are called children (people that sign under you )you get a percentage off of what they make from there content that they post so you can make even more money by having even more children that they invite.

On your post I include some information about TSU maybe some facts like “join this social network it pays you to socialize”

Or something like that and then I include your invite link and often times I will add a picture when posting.

I am going to share a few at the bottom of this post for you to use and you can even make your own.

Also when you join you will find more resources available from other team members

When posting to the groups on FACEBOOK you don’t want to post to too many a day maybe 20 or so tops. If you post to more then that Facebook may consider it spam and restrict you from posting to groups. I gained children per day using this method and it can work for you too.

Please Join Me here for an exciting opportunity on TSU the New Social Media Network that pays you for what you did in Facebook 

Join here:

TSU Founder Sebastian Sobczak Fox Business Interview video


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