Saturday, November 1, 2014

Who"s your Master?

Who"s your Master?
Is it you personally? No. As it is the projection of a power, above the individual, it is, who you believe is a power above yourself. Yes. Anybody you defer personal determination to.
So if you consider this understanding of your enslavement, then who are your personal masters, who are you in submission to?
The monarch of a nation, such as the Queen of England, the State government of a nation, the institutions of the world, the media empires, and the financial system, the institutions of the establishment, all can and are masters to the majority.
The elite wish you to carefully adhere to the rules and mechanisms of control they have put in place to maintain their dominance and to continue the exploitation's they enjoy.
They wish you to fear the mechanisms of control, ‘you worship what you fear.’
It can be easily understood as a triangle; the government, whether national or world; the bankers or moneylenders; and finally the religious leaders, working together, form this parasitic collaboration.
A trinity of larceny, it has existed for thousands of years as an ever evolving and adapting parasitic triangle, each working to reinforce the other two in the authority and undeniable sovereignty they insist must be conferred.
Consider without priesthood you would have a world free from superstitions, ritual, dogma, mysticism, religion itself, allowing the mental faculties of every person to develop freely, the religious institutions fictitiously remove the burden of reason from the individual, inflicting a heavy price, they focus the population on the prophet, messenger or herald as opposed to the message, they redirect the energies and thoughts of the mass population to pointless details of ritual, memorizing verses without understanding, dressing and conforming to set codes and costume, removing the demands upon the individual to take responsibility for their actions and understandings, deceiving them into thinking if they follow ritual carefully, they will ultimately be okay.
Religious hierarchies are created as a way for these men to exist without the effort of sustaining themselves, so depending completely upon the earnings and labourers of others.
If this is considered in depth, the existence of religious professional’s represent the ultimate form of usury capitalism, producing and maintaining ignorance while extracting the fruits of the labours of others, cold premeditated theft.
Consider without modern government you would have a world free from wars, taxation, illegitimate personal restrictions, propaganda, they argue without them it would be chaos, anarchy
In fact they will call you an Anarchist, in truth they are the Anarchists, the evidence of their vision and rule is abundant and irrefutable, a world filled with misery, iniquity and poverty. No man can be the sovereign to another
They put a seal on kingship, dictatorship, Lordship etc. by saying that no human being, not even a messenger of Allah, has got the right to establish a personal rule over his fellow beings.
Consider without the money lenders, (the banking mafia) you would have a world free from poverty, a population free from the heavy burden of debt, where a man or woman receives all of the fruits of their labour without taxation, interest payments or inflation, resulting from this fiat money system.
Where wars are not fermented for profit, where technologies are not retarded to maintain a financial monopoly underpinned by fossil fuels.
Where the media of the world is not exclusively under their control, to deceive and excuse the indefensible
Where the education system from grade school up to universities don’t teach economics as a discipline to make deceptive and illogical excuses for usury.
The domineering elite manifests many control mechanisms; they divide the community into groups, with the ultimate goal of making each person an individual without the support or connection of any other individual.
They start big with borders, so forming nations. They make it difficult for the majority of the worlds population to cross borders, requiring a passport or a document that identifies the bearer and gives permission to travel, permission from a sovereign power, they condition the population to feel a strong national bond and so reinforcing the popular belief that passports are very necessary, essential to their personal security, in truth only essential to the control of the slave masters upon the majority
As we have all become enslaved through the financial system, subjugated through economic slavery.

This division continues right down until it alienates even family members from family members, the personal values now held within established modern social structures are in truth a construction of the mass media, indoctrinating and conditioning the people to reject long established societal norms, fundamental beliefs that have been valued as undeniable have been turned on there heads
The perverted made tolerable, if not revered, the depraved and deluded made conventional, the ill advised defended and supported, the addicted and abusive excused and unpunished, all convinced they are not responsible, not answerable, not accountable for their actions or the consequences of their actions, this is the community we have allowed collectively to manifest as the accepted social norm, from the media world to the real world, empty minds are effortlessly filled with delusions.
Wars are murder for profit, police murder and torture the people they to serve and protect. The prisons are privatized to ensure they are kept full for profit, and the real criminals enjoy a life of luxury
Racism is contrived and perpetuated through the media, made physical over generations as the conditioning becomes ever more ingrained
The elite both manufacture these racist concepts while simultaneously punishing the result, this is required to protect themselves and their activities from criticism, as to point out the truth would become an act of racism as opposed to an act of honesty, anti-Semitic is their cry of condemnation, conditioning the population to look no deeper, just another racist.
No one is a ruler, no king nor queen, no prime minister nor president, no banker, no priest , no scholar , no prophet, no messenger, no mystic, only the judgement and guidance expressed within yourself direct your actions.
So to take part in a vote to elect a person to act as a sovereign power over you, is against your sovereign power, is against common to pay tax to a sovereign power
You may say, but I have to live here, therefore I have to take the government as my sovereign, I say you have to die here and your sovereign is your freedom and liberty from abusive and theft.
You have been created with purpose, of an energy field that cannot be destroyed, given a simple test within this life to warrant the inconceivable rewards and adventures abundant within the infinite imagination .
They suppress this everyday
They will attempt to convince you the path to reforming the governmental system is within its fabric, becoming involved inside this mechanism of control and abuse and working towards the slow rectification of the organization.
They bring forth a common argument that they are acting in good faith and in accordance with their conscience. They do not realize that conscience is nothing but an "internalized society" and that it is only a mental reflection of the material conditions and values prevalent in a given society.
They will endeavor to instill you with fears; the loss of your property, possessions, even your liberty, this is a powerful argument, one that most will concede conformity to the systems of control.

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