Friday, November 7, 2014

25 Places to Share Your Tsu Invite URL So what does this mean for early adopters (yes that's you) of the platform...?

25 Places to Share Your Tsu Invite URL:

So what does this mean for early adopters (yes that's you) of the platform...?
Firstly, you need to take action now if you want to reap the rewards later on if and when the masses come over to tsu. Get busy with your invite code and start building your network sooner rather than later (there are some tips for doing that 

Don't be someone who wished they took advice a year ago while others that did are benefiting.

Secondly, we need to make sure we nurture tsu into a quality social network that will eventually attract the masses. 

You can do your part here by creating original, interesting content and help promoting others who are doing the same.
Come see tell me what you think takes a few minutes to set your page up header and allot of your friends are already there and invite more of your friends

TSU Social Network Interview With CEO Sebastian Sobczak
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25 Places to Place your Your URL

1. Include your invite URL in a Facebook status.

2. Add your invite URL to your Facebook profile (about me) page.

3. Include your invite URL in a Twitter status.

4. Add your invite URL to your Twitter profile.

5. Include your invite URL in a Google Plus status.

6. Add your invite URL to your Google Plus profile (about me) page.

7. Include your invite URL in a Linkedin status.

8. Add your invite URL to your contact information section on Linkedin.

9. Pin your tsu images on Pinterest and add your invite URL.

10. Add your invite URL to your Pinterest profile.

11. Post your invite URL on your ffavoriteforum and let people know why you love tsu.

12. Email family and friends to let them know how superb this new social network site is (either use the built in feature or email your invite URL through your regular email client)

13. Use tsu's built in feature to also post to Facebook and Twitter (when people click to view the post they will see your sign up page)

14. Engage with relevant blog posts (about social media, technology, making money) , add value to the discussion with a thoughtful comment and give people the chance to sign up to tsu by using your link. (you can start by typing the following into Google: inurl:blog intitle:social networks)

15. Add your invite URL to your email signature.

16. Add a link to your invite URL from your website or blog.

17. Send your invite URL to Skype contacts.

18. Send your invite URL to other IM services (Msn, Yahoo etc)

19. Tell your colleagues about tsu and offer to send them an invite.

20. Tell your boss about tsu and offer to send an invite. Should the business have a tsu account?

21. Share your Tsu posts to Facebook and Twitter too using the built in feature (this will include a link to your post which may drive sign-ups).

22. Add your invite URL to a forum signature where you participate.

23. Send your invite URL via text message to your phone contacts.

24. Add your invite URL to offline printed media (if you are a business)

25. Graffiti your invite URL to walls and bridges (ok, of course I'm joking with this one, but get creative online and offline and you'll soon start to see your network grow!)

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