Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Angry Veterans To Soldiers: Help Us Beat Harper In Next Election

  A group of angry veterans, who want the Harper government defeated in the next election, is appealing to serving members of the military to join them in protest.

Ron Clarke, a member of Canada Coalition for Veterans who has been campaigning against the closure of Veterans Affairs offices, made the appeal Wednesday during a Parliament Hill news conference.

Here is the story below I personally stopped supporting the Legion in many areas as there policy do not talk about issues , what was it built for. It was designed for Vets and there family.

So tired of people that me, not to talk about Politics and religion I agree with that but Political corruption damn wake up talk, work on solutions.

Unite to defend your rights. Indoctrination in school and the uneducated have been taught so many useless things and they actually believe they should remove themselves from serious issues we face

The vets are fighting and organizing, but its just not the vets under attack in this country its every man, women and child that is fighting for there rights ,,,

Ron Clark also goes on to say "It may put those in uniform in an awkward position", but Clarke says they need a government sensitive to veterans and their needs.

As far as I am concerned its there right to speak up against this injustice is what all Canadians must be doing, the Vets also must join with the other organized groups across Canada

"We need a government that looks after our veterans," Ron said from the article, I say we need a government that works in the best interest for all Canadians and not special interest groups.

The latest war On ISIS well planned since 1982, many still are not well aware of the Iran Contra Scandal with Oliver North but a review in these matters may be relevant to what is playing out world wide

Harper is just another propped up member of the Bilderberg group working for there best interest not Canada.

The False flag in Ottawa with the two soldiers who were killed by two mentally ill people are made out to be terrorists of the ISIS movement in a fear campaign to remove more liberty and rights in the disguise for the cry-out we need more security.

The only thing Canadians need is more protection from the corrupt government involving Canada in to corporations and banker wars to steal more wealth from other nations at the cost of our young Canadian men and women and high cost to cover these fake wars created by CIA, MOSSAD, and the mass media propaganda

The plea is just the latest move in what is a major rift in the veterans community, one that has the potential of undermining the coalition's aim of galvanizing votes against the Conservatives.

Last week, a group of outspoken veterans advocates announced that six organizations had formed a coalition that would, at a minimum, boycott government announcements and photo-ops.

The coalition says a low-key approach to confronting the government has not worked and spokesman Mike Blais says the Royal Canadian Legion seems satisfied with current disability awards for the most severely wounded troops.

Soldiers injured in combat are eligible for a one-time, lump-sum payment for non-economic loss that ranges up to $350,000 from the article.

"The Legion believes $350,000 is OK and the consultation group they have formed believes that's OK. We do not," said Blais, who is president of Canadian Veterans Advocacy. "We have done extensive consultation with those who have suffered the consequences of war in Afghanistan. I have spoken to memorial cross mothers and those who are suffering."

"Our men and women served in harm's way. We cannot compare their sacrifice to a workplace injury," he said.

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