Friday, November 14, 2014

I Pledge Allegiance To The Corporate State Of America


As Many Countries Canada, Australia, UK and So on

The united states of America is not what you think it is Time To Wake Up

Washington D.C. has it's own police the "Capital Police" Whom serve the corporation just like all "Federal" entities and the military do.

The US is controlled by Zionist group

When I was sent this video from a friend I was impressed that some of the youth are so educated about the criminal organization in the puppets voting system.

Please have listen to the song, And Share there Art and Hard Work thank you

Mums the Word Allegiance to This is the system our ancestors built (2015)

Written by Mums the word

Produced by Lucky Lew at Wave Parade Studios

Video created by Mums the Word using an iPhone 4s (Vont, Cartoonatic, Splice, Aviary, A-HDR)

Mums the Word's first video release, and along with 'theist' is the 2nd track released early off their debut album "This is the system our ancestors built" (2015)

Visit youtube to view or I placed video below also below the Video Important information you may be interested in

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