Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Did You Know Martin Kings Family Won The Court Case THAT the US Government RESPONSIBLE for ASSASSINATION?

Yes, this old news, but did you know about it? 

It's now 2014  and I thought I would see how many new about this?

Yes, it was reported at the time but it hardly made the front pages of major newspapers, nor was it paid much attention on the major television news networks. 

No further official criminal investigations have been made, not that one should expect much from the US government investigating itself as history has shown over and over again.

Having come across this information, many years ago my mind was blown that this information was still not common knowledge.

On the whole, the popularity and vitality of the MLK ,was a testament to sharing my shock that this case was not common knowledge. 

I felt rightly betrayed by the mainstream media and really brings home that the mainstream media does not serve the public interest. 

But that was back in 1999 - and it hasn't changed even more useless

It's incredible because the majority of the public is too busy watching the next degenerate episode of Jersey Shore or Wife Swap to realize there are things going on in the outside world.

Canadians, Americans, UK, and Australians (many of my friends and family included) are blinded by prosperity and privilege. They will never know what they really had until it is all taken away. So many of our citizens are blind sheep being slowly led to the slaughter

Obviously this is just one more glaring indictment of the US government among a long history of malignant criminal behavior.

Nevertheless, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was a great man and a man of peace who stood up to the tyranny perpetrated against his people and against the Vietnam War. The truth of the circumstances of his death should see the light and the conspirators behind his assassination properly investigated and brought to justice, no matter how much time has passed. There is no statute of limitation on murder. Except if your Government.

An innocent man was scapegoated and put behind bars for his death and characterized as a lone assassin.

Time over time Conspiracy theorists are being to Right more and More,just recently read a report that Conspiracy theorists have a higher IQ, well they could of contacted me I could of told them that.

What makes a conspiracy thereist WE have common sense we can see pure Bullshit lies where most of the population is asleep or as George Carlin also knew from his quote "Think of how stupid the average person is and then realize that half of them are stupider than that."

At least the knowledge of this small recognition in the form of a successful process of discovery through a court of law puts the facts of the case on the record for posterity and now, after 14 long years since the successful civil lawsuit, that recognition is reaching the minds of the general public. 

The lack of mainstream media coverage is an outrage and should make it obvious to anyone capable of critical thought that the mainstream media has proven itself unworthy of the public trust. It is held captive to interests that are not those of the common people.

This is why members of the public need to become citizen journalists and spread real information that is in the common public interest by any means at their disposal.

The Internet and social media  TSU ( https://www.tsu.co/Earth_is_our_home )are powerful tools for bypassing the traditional gatekeepers of information. 

This is one example of how one person in Canada reached out with a story using social media and started a buzz, sending it viral. This prompted other concerned people around the world to pass it on, adapt and revise the medium and reach even more people. This story should be common knowledge and we cannot leave it to the traditional co-opted 'presstitute' media to inform us.

A Call to Action: Spread This Information!
I encourage everyone who reads this to further spread this meme on TSU,  Facebook, Twitter or any other means to your friends.

Encourage them to share it too. Share the source links below and Lee Camp's video. When we are done, this should become common knowledge around the world and those who do not know will be in the minority.

By that time, the mainstream media will be forced to cover it or be viewed as completely redundant.

On a Positive Note

Renowned comedian Lee Camp picked up on the MLK lawsuit information and made a video venting his outrage that it remained virtually unknown and unreported after 14 years of it being in the public domain. 

His entertaining rant has also been widely circulated and has received more views on youtube in less than a week.  Video below or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGyR1n-TOsg&feature=youtu.be

1999 US lawsuit filed by MLK's family for getting the truth established (suing for $100). Covered by renowned journalist and professor Barrie Zwicker Video below or you can use the link below

New Social Media Started in Oct 2014 where you are paid for your contribution it like Facebook but you are compensated

Join here at https://www.tsu.co/Earth_is_our_home







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