Sunday, November 16, 2014

The US Cannot Back its Currency with Hard Assets, without Dismantling the Country or Nuking a Large Swathe of the World

The US Cannot Back its Currency with Hard Assets, without Dismantling the Country or Nuking a Large Swathe of the World

This clip was originally uploaded on October 29, 2014 by Foster Gamble, creator of the film, 'Thrive' and its attendant Thrive movement.

It begins with a discussion about the multiple-centuries-long history of the economic backdrop, in which we all currently find ourselves.

The central question he asks: "Is a family of Asian elders about to spell the end of the Banking Cabal through a worldwide monetary reset? Or is the global economy about to be consolidated even further?"

Foster gives us his educated guesses, including that there will unavoidably be a global reset in monetary values, of one kind or another and that it is up to the BANKSTERS, to the so-called "Dragon Families" of the Far East who control vast stores of gold and to each and every one of us.

His words have some weight, being that he has direct connections to the people to whom he alludes, as an heir to one of world's largest home product manufacturing fortunes.

His segment is followed by one given by his wife, Kimberly, who speaks excitedly about the many revolutionary technologies, in all areas of health and science, to which she has been exposed and which sees as becoming mainstreamed within our lifetimes.

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