Friday, November 21, 2014

New Species Discoverd These Worms Glow In The Dark And Then Eat You

Truly amazing  world and it seems to get more amazing as we learn more about it. Every day more and more species are being discovered .

We have all heard of sighting of  Big Foot
Sasquatch or the Lock-Ness Monster or Aliens, or whatever, kindly remind them that even today, in the extremely modern times anything is possible.

With technology such as sophisticated hardware, cameras and the capabilities to travel and  discovery the craziest things everywhere. Even scientists are still discovering  new species of animal life, plants every worldwide. In Fact, Hundred of new finds of new species of living creatures are discovered on earth annually, and we thought we already knew about everything that was here.

Well adventuring Jeff Cremer the man who discovered this new species.

Jeff discovered  these in Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest who tells his tale in the video below, says they were noticed because of their luminescence. While  he was adventuring through the jungle, he and his friends saw what looked like a glowing dots on the side of a dirt wall. So they decided to take a closer look as it interested them.
To closer observations they seen what what looked like some type larvae worm.

Turns out they are only half an inch long, but they have large mandibles protruding from there I assume what we would consider its head (where the mouth positioned) and when explorers tied an ant to a stick and dangled it as bait to see it reaction. Well this worm creatures, immediately pounced at it then proceeded to drag he ant into its hole, proving it defends its territory and possibility a  very good chance it is a predator.

So if it a predator, which mean that it may eat small insects - then it could be  logical to assume the glowing effect  is used as a  bait to attract prey to lure other insects closer. Many insects are attracted to light and then they are Analogical to many other species AND some human inventions,

Other species of similar type the glow varies. Adult females that glow do so to attract a male for mating. The Lampyridae larvae are believed to glow as a warning signal to predators like toads not to eat them as they are mildly toxic. But the Arachnocampa and Orfelia larvae, on the other hand, glow to attract prey like midges into sticky snare lines for the larva to feed on

As this is a new Discovery Nov 11, 2014 we will learn more as they are researched

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