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Democracy does not exist in any corporate governmental system on Earth

Democracy does not exist in any corporate governmental system on Earth, what does exist is representative democracy government by the few for private advantage, against the interests of the many.
The purpose of the vote is to allow passive consent, known as sufferance, of the corporations imposed policy, sufferance means, to endure misery, hardship and pain.
Therefore representative government is a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few for private advantage, against the interests of the many
So to give consent to be the subject of a representative is an act of self-enslavement; democracy is a vague fantasy sold endlessly by the media; politically it is commonly installed by military force against people of a chosen region, blanketed with the medias battle cry ‘democracy’ echoing upon their burning cities, murdered children and stolen natural resources.
“…democracy means your ignorance is just as good as my knowledge.” - Isaac Asimov
Democracy is a way to divide brother from brother, taking the responsibilities each living soul has for their neighbour, and inequitably suspending that obligation; achieved through the collective conferring of those responsibilities upon a representative, an agent of the corporation being the legal fiction of government, an incorporeal entity which removes the unalienable duty of care, and freely commits atrocities, impositions, criminal frauds, etc. upon groups, regions or society at large without any accountability toward those perpetrating such crimes, as they are under the imagined protection of the legal fiction of corporate government, who defends those actions, and gives legal protection to its agents through the fraud of democracy; being the idea of the protection of the majority who consented a collective right, however in truth and by the axioms of the land NO collective rights exist, only individual reciprocal obligations and responsibilities in equity.
Government means ‘To control the Mind’
Representative Democracy is a media manufactured propaganda tool, accepted unquestioningly by the masses as a result of the lifelong indoctrination that has accrued within each of them, from the education, media and political institutions, creating a perception of moral justification for impositions upon the individual, and the unprovoked attack upon other neighbouring corporations in hostile take overs, authoring murderous war, an ocean of innocent blood imbued upon the alter of corporate democracy, justified in the name of the governed.
The innate nature of a living soul does not function upon a democratic principle, it function upon the equitable principle of consensus, a jury for example is not democratic, a full consensus must be reached, that is the natural order.
Band societies do not have leaders, and make decisions based on consensus (Consensus decision-making is a group decision-making process that seeks the consent of all participant), the natural structure of society is communities functioning in common unity, no hierarchy to impose, no lords, or bureaucrats to steal murder or subjugate, hierarchical structures are predominantly if not exclusively dominated by clinical psychopaths
The establishment of modern Democracy
The Rothschild's instigated the French revolution in 1789 in an attempt to hide the religious frauds of the Roman Catholic corporation were being exposed, and the removal of the absolute monarch system which was difficult for the usury manipulators to dominate, so the Church which is founded upon the fraud of usury, with the aid of the Rothschild’s worked to establishment the fraud of representative democracy.
The fraud of Democracy, which is simply the invention of collective right over the individual, is the first step or beginning of the imposition of socialism, which thrives on propaganda and bureaucracy, using propaganda to indoctrinate the people; once this indoctrination is complete the control of the mind is established and the masses are enslaved
Then the elected puppet within the mind of a living soul or soulless creature acting as an agent of the State corporation, authority is granted for their actions by a person or institution they perceive superior to themselves and all others, allowing them to hold a belief that they can act criminally without accountability, or suffer encroachment with a belief they may not seek relief.
What all government does: uses force and intimidation to coerce people to comply with their demands!
Terrorism is defined as: The use of force and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. Therefore universally, all forms of government are terrorist aggressors.
Please read the next paragraph a few times to understand what it is saying
Socialism, is the idea where the State corporation steals the wealth of the rich and redistributes it to the poor, the very poor that the rich robbed through government granted monopoly and privilege in the first place to become rich
Its all a scam people work hard then loose there fortune to the less unfortunate in austerity created and orchestrated by the government
They create austerity through inflation and deflation
While the corporation of State is itself administrated by the very rich who rob the poor. The greater the amount of socialism the greater the interference of the State in the lives, businesses and communities it dominates.
The ultimate form of socialism is Fascism where the State Corporation is all powerful, and the people are cogs in its machine, this takes the fiction of collective right to the extreme, and manifests the greatest abuses, subjugation and inequity.
Libertarians are in opposition to socialism; socialism removes liberty replacing it with state control; natural liberty is the exemption of extraneous control, only constraining a free soul by the innate reciprocal obligation and responsibility that each has for those around them, binding through their inherent power manifest as the true nature of all living souls.
Liberty as a ‘legal’ grant is a fiction, being a franchise of privilege granted by a superior, as in equity all are equal, who has greater authority to grant another liberty or prevent another equality?
A superior can only exist if there are inferiors, and that is a master slave structure, a slave is chattel, the basis of libertarianism is the radical notion that another living soul cannot be your property!
Anarchism is the revolutionary idea that you are not State property!
I do believe all life and the Earth in its entirety is not property to be bought and sold!
I am not saying you cant have land to build your home, land to grow food and raise a family , but there system is designed that they own all the land, Look at your deed it still belongs to the corporation
Representative democracy is the method the elite apply (the elite are imposed superiors, who act above and beyond the positive law they authorise); you vote for a representative in your local area, this representative then votes, within a body politic (corporation) to establish the dictates, regulations, taxations, wars, service monopolies upon the population, etc. imposed through your consent,
If you voted, so viewed as upon your behalf; but even if you refused to vote, the corporation impose upon you through the threat or force of arms, and you must quietly accept these impositions as you consented to it democratically, they claim, or you must concede to the will of the majority if you abstained, in reality of course there is no free choice within that vote, and further the majority no longer vote seeing it as a futile activity.
“If voting changed anything they’d make it illegal.” Emma Goldman
Representative Democracy is not equitable for many reasons:
1. In the equity of our inherent power being the innate nature of all living souls, understood through the axioms of the land, there can be no superior authority above that inherent power to grant any right, further even in the fictional legal system there is no collective right, which means if 51% of a population want to encroach inequitably upon you, it does not make it somehow just and equitable, as no collective right can or could exist to suspend the immutable inherent power that are unalienable reciprocal obligations and responsibilities of every individual.
2. Each one of us has an obligation in equitable conduct of a ‘duty of care’ for all those around us, the corporate State is a legal fiction and as such has no duty of care, and the agents of the State corporation, just as any other type of corporation hide behind constructed, chartered legal fictions, to escape accountability.
So for example the State can send off those men it subjugates to war, even as a voluntary act, (DRAFT) as they act in ignorance, as in for example; the battle of the Somme which took a million British lives, with no one ever held to account, no one ever seeking relief, no one brought to justice within the legal code court system imposed upon the population, the families of those murdered men stood silent, imagining they were extorted from relief!
3. Only someone who is equitably classed as mentally incompetent, or considered too young to be fully competent, can have another represent their interests, so to have a representative in court, council, government, etc., is the action of someone that is equitably considered mentally incompetent, so unfit to make their own decisions; so when you vote for another to represent you, you surrender your responsibilities, and so you surrender your freedom.
4. The fraud of democracy through the fiction it engenders of collective right, grants its represented ‘citizens’ (citizen is a legal fictions attached to a living soul, being a nominal title), freedoms.
It creates declarations of freedoms, but natural equity is unalienable and immutable, no tangible or intangible superior can grant me any right as a privilege that I do not already have in full, so only inherent power of an individual must exist as reciprocal obligations and responsibilities upon all in equity.
Freedom cannot be given, it cannot be earned, it cannot be enacted; freedom is the result of the social environment you exist within.
Government cannot grant you a thing, it can only place limits on that which was equitably yours to begin with.
“Democracy is a con game, it is a word invented to outplay people, to make them accept a given situation. All institutions sing ‘we are free.’ The minute you hear ‘freedom’ or ‘democracy’ – watch out, because in a truly free nation, no one has to tell you that you’re free.” Jacque Fresco
Stop paying for your enslavement

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