Monday, November 17, 2014



Facebook is a money pit.

In 2012 Facebook appealed to the government to sell shares of stock to the public. In the vicinity of $75 billion, Facebook's "stocks" are the data that we input into our profiles.

Facebook mines our information to sell companies who orchestrate invasive advertising campaigns.

What was once a fun fuss-free platform, Facebook is now littered with ads — a virtual gold mine for the $200 billion company. In December 2013, Facebook launched video advertisements, making it an increasingly unsafe environment for the cash-strapped entrepreneur. Facebook makes far more money from us then we make from it, statistics show.

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Last month, the Huffington Post published "How to Quit Facebook Without Experiencing Withdrawal" suggesting that to elevate the anxiety of quitting Facebook, a person should seek solace on another channel.

Well Here It Is - Connect with family Friends and meet New friends and be compensated

Invest in a social-media platform that supports, not hinders, your entrepreneurial pursuits my preference is New Social Media Started in Oct 2014 where you are paid for your contribution it like Facebook but you are compensated

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TSU Founder Sebastian Sobczak Fox Business Interview 

Entrepreneurs should spend their time on a platform that generates revenue, unearths contacts and cements their brand. The "garbage bag" mix found on a Facebook feed is not the forum to do this.

Facebook insists upon a 14-day cooling off period when a person deletes their account, perhaps relying on a moment of weakness for the user to withdraw their request by simply logging back in.

What are you waiting for

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