Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Fence along the Canada-U.S. border HAD to See This coming from the latest False Flag in Ottawa

Had to see that coming. 

The so called terrorist attacks in Ottawa (the investigations are even done yet) was just the push they needed.

Welcome to Oceania. I can just imaging them compiling a folder every time you take your boat out and don't come home for a day.

Get ready for a full on proctological exam while they rip you boat apart and then say "Ok, you're clean sorry for the inconvenience. Have fun putting it back together."

Fear, Terrorists, EBO -LIE , and the Boggy-Man are coming folks. Didn't they tear down the Berlin wall years back. This is just another scam of tax payers hard earned money wasted.

In the article the RCMP say this will stop crimes. This is all about Tobacco. Its illegal because the government doesn't have there hands in it. As far am I am concerned why does the government have to monopoly on the tobacco trade.

As a tax payer I see spending tax payers money on useful projects the benefit Canadians. So now they are going to piss- away on building a fence. Maybe they should contact the US how well there fence works ,,,,, IT DOESN'T

We as Canadians have had the worst mismanaged incompetent puppet government under the Harper regime that will take 50 years or more to recover from their mess.

Tobacco, Marijuana, Helmets, Seat Belts, Same Sex Marriage, Assisted Suicide, who cares none of my business what people want to do as long as it brings no harm to me and it surely not the governments business what people want to eat, we have the most poisonous company selling food Monsanto and GMOs and why are we building a fence around this criminal organization, Forgot they own the puppets in Government

The project framed solely as a measure to improve the RCMP’s ability to combat contraband cigarette smuggling.

We have don't even have a credible organization to police the police. Well Enjoy

Headlines in the National Post

OTTAWA — A massive intelligence-gathering network of RCMP video cameras, radar, ground sensors, thermal radiation detectors and more will be erected along the U.S.-Canada border in Ontario and Quebec by 2018, the Mounties said Tuesday.

The $92-million surveillance web, formally known as the Border Integrity Technology Enhancement Project, will be concentrated in more than 100 “high-risk” cross-border crime zones spanning 700 kilometres of eastern Canada, said Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver, the RCMP’s head of technical operations.

Airport search not racial profiling when based on customs officers’ on-the-job experience: court

Customs officers are not guilty of racial profiling when they use on-the-job experience to decide who to stop and search at Canada’s airports, the Federal Court of Appeal has ruled.

“Officers on the front line, such as the officer herein, cannot be expected to leave their experience — acquired usually after many years of observing people from different countries entering Canada — at home,” Justice Marc Nadon said, writing on behalf of a three-person appeal panel.

Justice Nadon made the comment in overturning a tribunal decision that quashed an $800 fine imposed against an Ottawa woman, Ting Ting Tam, who failed to declare some pork rolls in her luggage.

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“The concept involves employing unattended ground sensors, cameras, radar, licence plate readers, both covert and overt, to detect suspicious activity in high-risk areas along the border,” Assistant Commissioner Oliver told security industry executives attending the SecureTech conference and trade show at Ottawa’s Shaw Centre.

“What we’re hoping to achieve is a reduction in cross-border criminality and enhancement of our national security.”

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